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Press Releases
12/11/2019SIDENOR registers for the first time a commercial paper programme on MARF
07/11/2019BME’S Fixed Income Market registers Aena´s new commercial paper programme
06/11/2019Portuguese holding Visabeira becomes a new issuer with MARF
04/11/2019The Spanish Exchange traded €46.91 bn in October
25/10/2019ORMAZABAL registers its first commercial paper programme on MARF
22/10/2019MARF registers a bond issue by Vista Alegre
17/10/2019BME is assigned ‘A-’ rating by S&P
16/10/2019MARF registers first Green Bond programme by Grenergy
14/10/2019MARF registers a new 100 million-euro commercial paper programme by PRYCONSA
08/10/2019MARF registers a new commercial paper programme by Atlantica
01/10/2019The Spanish Exchange traded €32.48 bn. in September
19/09/2019MARF registers a new bond issue by UCI
13/09/2019MARF registers a new Commercial Paper Programme by COREN
06/09/2019MARF registers a 12 year-term Bond issue by ULMA
02/09/2019The Spanish Exchange traded €28.01 bn in August
01/08/2019The Spanish Exchange traded €40.87 bn in July
31/07/2019BME post €63.4 million net profit in the first half
29/07/2019MARF registers new 100 million-euro commercial paper programme by Vidrala
24/07/2019Portuguese company EFACEC chooses MARF for its debut in the capital markets
18/07/2019MARF registers a 200 million euro commercial paper programme by Urbaser
09/07/2019MARF registers a € 100 million bond issue by TUBACEX which increases its presence in this market
05/07/2019MARF registers a €25 million bond programme by ATRYS HEALTH on its debut on this market
03/07/2019MARF registers the fourth synthetic securitisation issue by Santander
01/07/2019The Spanish Exchange traded €42.01 bn in June
05/06/2019MARF registers a €50 million Commercial Paper Programme by Portuguese company Mota-Engil




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