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Public Debt Market

SEND. Sistema Electrónico de Negociación de Deuda

Private investors can directly purchase any type of asset issued by the Treasury using the SEND platform: treasury bills, government bonds and STRIPS.

The platform may be used by both investors holding public debt securities acquired prior to its launch or purchased at auctions, and by investors trading directly on the secondary market.

For public debt operations, the SEND platform functions in a similar way to the stock market and offers a transparent market model in which all positions are listed in an orderbook, arranged by order price and, should prices be equal, in chronological order.

Private investors report their transactions to SEND participating entities, which transmit them to the platform’s single, centralised order book.

The design of the platform and the fact it allows Participating Entities to route their client’s orders directly to the book, complies with “best execution” practices as defined in the Spanish Securities Market regulations and EU directives.

Public Debt prices
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