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Press Releases
31/07/2020Network Steel Resources makes its debut on the Fixed Income markets with MARF
20/07/2020BME admits BBVA’s 1-billion euro green CoCo bond to trading
08/07/2020MARF registers a € 30 million 1st tranche of Haya Titulización´s securitisation fund for ODF Energía
08/07/2020MARF registers a commercial paper programme by IM Vall Companys 1 FT
06/07/2020MARF registers a 30 million euro commercial paper programme by Gransolar
26/06/2020Vía Célere debuts on MARF with a 100 million euro commercial paper programme
29/05/2020BME admits a 52 million-euro´s health and social bond from the Madrid region
11/05/2020BME admits Endesa´s new 4 billion euro commercial paper programme to trading
04/05/2020The Spanish Exchange traded 30.60 bn euros in April (-37.6%) on 3.4 million trades (+18.1%)
06/04/2020BME admits a new sustainable bond to trading from the Basque Goverment
27/03/2020Unprecedented times: Exchanges are prepared (FESE)
19/03/2020MARF admits a 70 million euro bond issue by SIDECU
10/03/2020MARF registers a new commercial paper programme by Logitravel
27/02/2020BME registers a new €1.25 bn sustainable bond issue by the Madrid regional government
18/02/2020MARF registers a new 50 milion euro commercial paper programme by Grupo SAMPOL
17/12/2019BME’s Fixed Income Market registers issues worth 7.8 billion euros in December
16/12/2019MARF registers a 50 million-euro commercial paper programme from Cecotec
02/12/2019The Spanish Exchange traded €40.92 bn in November
27/11/2019Spanish Securities Exchanges´2020 Trading Calendar
22/11/2019MARF registers a 30 million euro commercial paper programme by Amper
21/11/2019Mango registers its first commercial paper programme with MARF
12/11/2019SIDENOR registers for the first time a commercial paper programme on MARF
07/11/2019BME’S Fixed Income Market registers Aena´s new commercial paper programme
06/11/2019Portuguese holding Visabeira becomes a new issuer with MARF
04/11/2019The Spanish Exchange traded €46.91 bn in October




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