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Press Releases
06/10/2021OK Mobility Group registers its first Commercial Paper Programme with MARF for 80 million euros
01/10/2021The Spanish stock market trades 32.3 billion euros in September
14/09/2021BME admits the first Green Bond from the Kingdom of Spain, worth 5 billion euros
03/09/2021Ontime registers a new 50 million euro Commercial Paper Programme with MARF
01/09/2021The Spanish stock market trades 21.6 billion euros in August
02/08/2021MARF lists a commercial paper programme by HT Nexus Securitization Fund
02/08/2021The Spanish stock market trades 25.9 billion euros in July
30/07/2021Asturiana de Laminados registers a 50 million bond programme in MARF
28/07/2021Making Science registers its first fixed income programme on MARF
28/07/2021Bioarag debuts on the capital markets with a green bond programme on MARF
19/07/2021Naviera Elcano issues a new bond of 60 million in MARF
01/07/2021BME’s Fixed Income market registers a 500 million euro bond issue from Inmobiliaria Colonial
15/06/2021MARF’s issuers contribute a turnover of 78 billion euros to the Spanish economy
14/06/2021MARF registers GME’s first Commercial Paper Programme, worth 50 million euros
04/06/2021SIX to consolidate Swiss and Spanish exchange platforms offering enhanced speed, latency & capacity for Spanish clients
01/06/2021The Spanish stock market trades 32 billion euros in May
24/05/2021Starting tomorrow, the Medcap Forum brings together a hundred companies with over 150 investors
10/05/2021Nueva Pescanova registers a new 50 million euro Commercial Paper Programme with MARF
07/05/2021GAM expands its capabilities in MARF with a new 80 million euro Bond Programme
04/05/2021The Spanish stock market trades 28.7 bn euros in April
04/05/2021BME launches the RODE index family
21/04/2021MARF reaches 100 issuers with the listing of Inveready’s new Commercial Paper Programme
15/04/2021BME admits a new 1 billion euro sustainable bond from the Basque Government
12/04/2021Unicredit SpA becomes new operating member of BME Clearing in the Fixed Income segment
08/04/2021MARF registers La Finca’s first Commercial Paper Programme for 30 million euros




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