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Press Releases
01/07/2022The Spanish stock market trades 32.8 billion euros in June
30/06/2022MARF admits Alquiber’s Commercial Paper Programme
27/06/2022MARF admits a new 25 million euro Commercial Paper Programme from AENOR
13/06/2022BME admits a new sustainable bond from the Andalusian regional government for 500 million euros
02/06/2022BME admits a new 500 million euro Green Bond from ICO
01/06/2022The Spanish stock market trades 32.2 billion euros in May
03/05/2022The Spanish stock market trades 36.9 billion euros in April, up 28% yoy
28/04/2022BME admits a 11-year new sustainable bond from the Basque government for 500 million euros
20/04/2022MARF admits a new 202 million euro Securitisation Fund
11/04/2022BME admits to trading a new 1 billion euro sustainable bond from the Madrid regional government
11/04/2022BME admits to trading Red Eléctrica’s multicurrency Euro Commercial Paper Programme
01/04/2022The Spanish stock market trades 43.8 billion euros in March (+24.7%) on 5.3 million trades (+8.8%)
29/03/2022SIX Realigns Organizational Structure to Support Growth in International CMI Business
14/03/2022MARF admits a 200 million euro Commercial Paper Programme from Euskaltel
11/03/2022MARF registers a 50 million euro bond programme from Agile Content
01/03/2022The Spanish stock market trades 34.3 billion euros in February, 25% more than a year ago
01/03/2022MARF registers a bond programme from Traianus DAC
21/02/2022MARF registers the Bond Programme of Aquisgrán’s Securitisation Fund
04/02/2022MARF registers a new bond issue from Unicre
01/02/2022The Spanish stock market trades 32 billion euros in January, up 15.3%
31/01/2022The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Cyprus, SIX and the Cyprus Stock Exchange announce the Dual-Listing of the EMTN (EURO MEDIUM TERM NOTES) of the Republic of Cyprus at the Cyprus Stock Exchange
28/01/2022MARF registers a new 25 million euro Green Commercial Paper Programme from EiDF
03/01/2022The Spanish stock market trades 378.1 billion euros in 2021
29/12/2021Opdenergy registers its first Green Commercial Paper Programme with MARF for 100 million euros
15/12/2021The Spanish financial markets bid farewell to 2021 with growth in financing and market value




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