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Buy and Sell Prices of Bilbao Stock Exchange Fixed Income
05/07/2022 17:30:00
DescriptionISINBidAskLast price
Last IRR
Nominal amount**
BO - Bonds
AUT GOB.VASCO- 0,250 04/2031ES0000106684
AUT GOB.VASCO- 0,450 04/2032ES0000106726
AUT GOB.VASCO- 0,850 04/2030ES0000106643
AUT GOB.VASCO- 1,000 10/2050ES0000106692
AUT GOB.VASCO- 1,250 04/2023ES0000106544
AUT GOB.VASCO- 1,300 04/2035ES0000106668
AUT GOB.VASCO- 1,375 10/2070ES0000106700
AUT GOB.VASCO- 1,466 12/2026ES0000106577
AUT GOB.VASCO- 1,703 04/2027ES0000106585
AUT GOB.VASCO- 1,750 03/2026ES0000106551
AUT GOB.VASCO- 1,750 04/2050ES0000106650
AUT GOB.VASCO- 1,875 07/2033ES0000106734
AUT GOB.VASCO- 2,000 04/2059ES0000106676
AUT GOB.VASCO- 2,350 04/2049ES0000106627
AUT GOB.VASCO- 2,500 02/2038ES0000106601
AUT GOB.VASCO- 4,600 01/2025ES0000106445
AUT GOB.VASCO- 1,125 04/2029ES0000106635
AUT GOB.VASCO- 1,450 04/2028ES0000106619
ODP D.F. ALAVA- 4,323 12/2023ES0201450022

(*) Prices are expressed as a percentage of nominal.
(**) Nominal amount traded in each of the sessions up to that moment.

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