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Buy and Sell Prices of Barcelona Stock Exchange Fixed Income
05/07/2022 17:30:00
DescriptionISINBidAskLast price
Last IRR
Nominal amount**
BO - Bonds
AUT G.CATALUNYA- 2,550 02/2026ES0000095978
AUT G.CATALUNYA- 2,550 02/2027ES0000095986
AUT G.CATALUNYA- 2,550 02/2028ES0000095994
AUT G.CATALUNYA- 4,220 04/2035ES0000095879
AUT G.CATALUNYA- 4,690 10/2034ES0000095853
AUT G.CATALUNYA- 5,250 10/2023ES0000095614
AUT G.CATALUNYA- 5,325 10/2028ES0000095606
AUT G.CATALUNYA- VBLE 09/2024ES00000950C3
AUT G.CATALUNYA- VBLE 10/2022ES0000095796
ODP I.CATAL.FINA- 4,250 06/2024ES0255281091
ODP I.CATAL.FINA- VBLE 10/2029ES0255281133
PG - Commercial paper
POE I.CATAL.FINA DESC 29/03/2024ES0555281825
POE I.CATAL.FINA DESC 30/04/2023ES0555281791
POE I.CATAL.FINA DESC 30/06/2023ES0555281783
POE I.CATAL.FINA DESC 30/09/2022ES0555281759
POE I.CATAL.FINA DESC 30/09/2023ES0555281809
POE I.CATAL.FINA DESC 30/11/2023ES0555281817
POE I.CATAL.FINA DESC 31/01/2023ES0555281767
POE I.CATAL.FINA DESC 31/05/2024ES0555281841
TZ - Securitised products
BTN CPENEDES T1-B VBLE 11/2049ES0318559020
BTN CPENEDES T1-C VBLE 11/2049ES0318559038
BTN FONCAIXA G.5-AG VBLE 04/2053ES0337782017
BTN FONCAIXA G.5-B VBLE 04/2053ES0337782025
BTN FONCAIXA G.5-C VBLE 04/2053ES0337782033
BTN FONCAIXA G.5-D VBLE 04/2053ES0337782041
BTN FONCAIXA G.6-AG VBLE 03/2048ES0337773016
BTN FONCAIXA G.6-B VBLE 08/2051ES0337773024
BTN FONCAIXA G.6-C VBLE 08/2051ES0337773032
BTN FONCAIXA G.6-D VBLE 08/2051ES0337773040

(*) Prices are expressed as a percentage of nominal.
(**) Nominal amount traded in each of the sessions up to that moment.

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