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SEND Sale and Purchase Prices: Corporate Debt
15/10/2021 17:30:00
DescriptionISINBidAskLast price
Last IRR
Nominal amount**
BO - Bonds
BM B.E.R.D.- 8,460 12/2025ES0213461009
BM I.F.C.- 9,830 12/2025ES0224239097
BM N.I.B.- 9,670 12/2021ES0266390071
BM R. DE SUECIA- 9,405 12/2026ES0273315038
BS AUDASA- 1,600 11/2024ES0311839007141,000.001.933899.000099.99991.598310,000.0099.00001.933819,000.00
BS B. SABADELL-1 VBLE 02/2022ES03138603D5
BS B. SABADELL-15 VBLE 11/2021ES03138602Q9
BS B. SABADELL-2 VBLE 10/2022ES03138603F0
BS B. SABADELL-3 VBLE 04/2023ES03138602Z0
BS B. SABADELL-4 VBLE 05/2023ES03138603A1
BS B. SABADELL-5 VBLE 07/2022ES03138602X5
BS B. SABADELL-5 VBLE 11/2023ES03138603B9
BS B. SABADELL-6 VBLE 09/2022ES03138602Y3
BS B. SABADELL-I 0,700 03/2022ES03138603C7125,000.000.6002100.0450 100.04500.600212,000.00
BS BANCA MARCH-1 VBLE 11/2021ES0313040034
BS BANKIA-1 0,875 03/2024ES0313307201
BS BANKIA-1 1,000 06/2024ES0313307219
BS BANKINTER-1 0,875 03/2024ES0313679K13
BS BANKINTER-1 VBLE 02/2023ES0313679D203,000.00 101.4400
BS BANKINTER-100 VBLE 11/2023ES0313679S23
BS BANKINTER-110 VBLE 11/2025ES0313679S56
BS BANKINTER-12 VBLE 02/2022ES0313679J81
BS BANKINTER-12 VBLE 02/2024ES0313679T06
BS BANKINTER-121 VBLE 10/2022ES0313679A802,000.00 92.5000
BS BANKINTER-122 VBLE 12/2022ES0313679A982,000.00 95.0800
BS BANKINTER-123 VBLE 12/2022ES0313679N28
BS BANKINTER-124 VBLE 11/2021ES0313679I25
BS BANKINTER-126 VBLE 11/2022ES0313679N36
BS BANKINTER-130 VBLE 10/2021ES0313679I41
BS BANKINTER-132 VBLE 12/2022ES0313679N51
BS BANKINTER-133 VBLE 01/2023ES0313679N69
BS BANKINTER-137 VBLE 12/2021ES0313679I58
BS BANKINTER-150 VBLE 12/2023ES0313679O35
BS BANKINTER-16 VBLE 03/2026ES0313679S9815,000.00 99.8500
BS BANKINTER-18 VBLE 04/2022ES0313679J99
BS BANKINTER-2 VBLE 03/2023ES0313679D382,000.00 105.9800
BS BANKINTER-2 VBLE 04/2024ES0313679I742,000.00 100.5900
BS BANKINTER-20 VBLE 03/2022ES0313679K05
BS BANKINTER-27 VBLE 04/2026ES0313679T1415,000.00 97.3000
BS BANKINTER-28 VBLE 04/2022ES0313679K39
BS BANKINTER-28 VBLE 04/2026ES0313679T2215,000.00 97.6300
BS BANKINTER-30 VBLE 03/2022ES0313679K47
BS BANKINTER-33 VBLE 03/2023ES0313679P91
BS BANKINTER-35 VBLE 03/2023ES0313679E78
BS BANKINTER-36 VBLE 04/2026ES0313679T30
BS BANKINTER-38 VBLE 05/2026ES0313679T4815,000.00 100.2700
BS BANKINTER-41 VBLE 06/2026ES0313679T55
BS BANKINTER-42 VBLE 05/2023ES0313679F023,000.00 95.2600
BS BANKINTER-43 VBLE 06/2023ES0313679F363,000.00 100.3900
BS BANKINTER-47 VBLE 05/2023ES0313679Q25
BS BANKINTER-48 VBLE 07/2026ES0313679T711,000.00 98.9000
BS BANKINTER-52 VBLE 07/2024ES0313679T89
BS BANKINTER-53 VBLE 06/2022ES0313679L12
BS BANKINTER-57 VBLE 06/2023ES0313679Q33
BS BANKINTER-62 VBLE 06/2023ES0313679Q58
BS BANKINTER-63 VBLE 07/2025ES0313679T97
BS BANKINTER-65 VBLE 07/2023ES0313679R40
BS BANKINTER-66 VBLE 07/2026ES0313679U03
BS BANKINTER-67 VBLE 07/2023ES0313679Q82
BS BANKINTER-67 VBLE 07/2026ES0313679U29
BS BANKINTER-68 VBLE 07/2026ES0313679U11
BS BANKINTER-7 VBLE 01/2023ES0313679O84
BS BANKINTER-7 VBLE 03/2022ES0313679J40
BS BANKINTER-70 VBLE 08/2025ES0313679Q902,000.00 56.8000 57.4300 5,000.00
BS BANKINTER-71 VBLE 09/2025ES0313679R082,000.00 60.0100
BS BANKINTER-72 VBLE 09/2025ES0313679R162,000.00 60.4100
BS BANKINTER-73 VBLE 09/2024ES0313679R2440,000.00 97.7900
BS BANKINTER-74 VBLE 07/2024ES0313679L5310,000.00 49.2800
BS BANKINTER-81 VBLE 07/2023ES0313679R57
BS BANKINTER-85 VBLE 06/2023ES0313679G68
BS BANKINTER-85 VBLE 09/2022ES0313679L61
BS BANKINTER-86 VBLE 09/2022ES0313679L79
BS BANKINTER-87 VBLE 08/2023ES0313679G762,000.00 104.0000
BS BANKINTER-88 VBLE 09/2022ES0313679L87
BS BANKINTER-88 VBLE 10/2023ES0313679G842,000.00 103.2700
BS BANKINTER-90 VBLE 07/2025ES0313679R65
BS BANKINTER-90 VBLE 09/2022ES0313679L95
BS BANKINTER-96 VBLE 11/2025ES0313679S072,000.00 99.5100 100.3300 17,000.00
BS BANKINTER-97 VBLE 12/2025ES0313679S152,000.00 100.7100
BS BBVA GLOBAL-114 VBLE 08/2022ES0305067839
BS BBVA GLOBAL-119 VBLE 01/2023ES0305067862
BS BBVA GLOBAL-124 VBLE 11/2022ES0305067896
BS BBVA GLOBAL-132 VBLE 01/2023ES0305067953
BS BBVA GLOBAL-141 VBLE 06/2023ES0305067A29
BS BBVA GLOBAL-142 VBLE 07/2023ES0305067A37
BS BBVA GLOBAL-160 VBLE 05/2024ES0305067B69
BS BBVA GLOBAL-168 VBLE 10/2024ES0305067C27
BS BBVA GLOBAL-169 FIJO 12/2024ES0305067C35
BS BBVA GLOBAL-171 VBLE 12/2024ES0305067C50
BS BBVA GLOBAL-173 VBLE 02/2025ES0305067C76
BS BBVA GLOBAL-175 VBLE 02/2025ES0305067C84
BS BBVA GLOBAL-177 VBLE 02/2022ES0305067D00
BS BBVA GLOBAL-178 VBLE 02/2022ES0305067D18
BS BBVA GLOBAL-179 VBLE 07/2023ES0305067D26
BS BBVA GLOBAL-185 VBLE 12/2021ES0305067D75
BS BBVA GLOBAL-186 VBLE 08/2026ES0305067D83
BS BBVA GLOBAL-57 1,540 10/2021ES0305067433
BS C.RURAL NAVA-II VBLE 06/2022ES0315306011
BS CAIXABANK NOT-2 VBLE 03/2024ES030536801359,000.00 102.1000102.6500 55,000.00102.6336 32,000.00
BS CAIXABANK NOT-I VBLE 07/2023ES0305368005 102.0000 5,000.00100.8027 120,000.00
BS CAIXABANK-I VBLE 01/2023ES0340609835
BS CAIXABANK-I VBLE 04/2023ES0340609892
BS CAIXABANK-I VBLE 12/2022ES0340609827
BS CAIXABANK-I VBLE 12/2023ES0340609926
BS CAIXABANK-II VBLE 04/2022ES0340609967
BS CAIXABANK-II VBLE 12/2023ES0340609934
BS CAIXABANK-III VBLE 02/2024ES0340609942
BS CAIXABANK-III VBLE 08/2022ES0340609876
BS CAIXABANK-III VBLE 10/2023ES0340609918
BS CAIXABANK-IV VBLE 08/2022ES0340609959
BS CRITERIA-1 1,375 04/2024ES0305045009
BS KUTXABANK- 0,500 09/2024ES0343307015
BS SANT ESPAÑA-63 VBLE 02/2022ES0305014567100,000.00 99.2400100.2400 25,000.00
BS SANT ESPAÑA-64 VBLE 03/2022ES0305014583100,000.00 99.5700100.5700 25,000.00
BS SANT ESPAÑA-66 VBLE 05/2022ES0305014591100,000.00 99.4400100.4400 25,000.00
BS SANT ESPAÑA-68 VBLE 06/2022ES0305014617100,000.00 99.5400100.5400 25,000.00
BS SANT ESPAÑA-70 VBLE 08/2022ES0305014633100,000.00 99.4900100.4900 25,000.00
BS SANT ESPAÑA-72 VBLE 10/2022ES0305014658100,000.00 99.6700100.6700 25,000.00
BS SANT ESPAÑA-76 VBLE 04/2023ES0305014666100,000.00 99.9300100.9300 25,000.00
BS SANT ESPAÑA-78 VBLE 05/2023ES0305014682100,000.00 100.0800101.0800 25,000.00
BS SANT ESPAÑA-80 VBLE 06/2023ES0305014708100,000.00 99.9500100.9500 25,000.00
BS SANT ESPAÑA-81 VBLE 08/2023ES0305014716100,000.00 99.6400100.6400 25,000.0099.6400 20,000.00
BS SANT ESPAÑA-82 VBLE 09/2023ES0305014724100,000.00 99.850099.8600 10,000.00
BS SANT ESPAÑA-84 VBLE 12/2023ES0305014732100,000.00 100.6800101.0000 20,000.00
BS SANT ESPAÑA-85 VBLE 01/2024ES0305014740100,000.00 104.1000105.1000 25,000.00
BS SANT ESPAÑA-86 VBLE 03/2024ES0305014757100,000.00 102.8800103.8800 25,000.00
BS SANT ESPAÑA-90 VBLE 08/2024ES0305014765100,000.00 51.830095.0000 5,000.00
BS SANT ESPAÑA-91 VBLE 09/2024ES0305014773100,000.00 46.830090.0000 2,000.00
BS SANT ESPAÑA-92 VBLE 11/2024ES0305014781100,000.00 45.000090.0000 2,000.00
BS SANT INTER PROD- VBLE 07/2025ES0305466031100,000.00 100.2200101.2200 25,000.00
BS SANT INTER PROD- VBLE 11/2023ES0305466049100,000.00 99.7500100.7500 25,000.0099.7600 25,000.00
BS SANT INTER PROD- VBLE 12/2023ES0305466056100,000.00 99.7900100.7900 25,000.00
BS SANT INTER PROD- VBLE 12/2023ES0305466064100,000.00 99.4700100.4700 25,000.00
BS SAREB-1 VBLE 02/2022ES0352506325
BS SAREB-2 VBLE 02/2023ES0352506333
BS SAREB-2 VBLE 12/2021ES0352506309
BS SAREB-3 VBLE 02/2022ES0352506275
BS SAREB-3 VBLE 12/2022ES0352506317
BS SAREB-4 VBLE 12/2021ES0352506242
BS SIX FINANCE- 0,000 12/2025ES0305523005
BTN BBVA RMBS 20-A VBLE 02/2065ES0305567002
OS ABANCA-1 VBLE 09/2027ES0265936023
OS ABANCA-Sb VBLE 01/2029ES0265936007
OS ABANCA-Sb VBLE 04/2030ES0265936015
OS ABERTIS- 1,000 02/2027ES0211845310
OS ABERTIS- 1,375 05/2026ES0211845302
OS ABERTIS- 2,500 02/2025ES0211845294
OS ABERTIS- 3,125 03/2024ES0211845278
OS ABERTIS- 3,125 03/2026ES0211845286
OS ABERTIS- 3,750 06/2023ES0211845260
OS ABERTIS- 5,990 05/2038ES0211845229
OS ABERTIS- VBLE 12/2024ES0211845195
OS ACERINOX- 5,00 07/2024ES0232105041
OS ADIF-AV- 1,875 01/2025ES0200002006
OS ADIF-AV- 1,875 09/2022ES0200002014
OS ADIF-AV- 0,800 07/2023ES0200002022
OS ADIF-AV-5 1,250 05/2026ES0200002030
OS ADIF-AV-6 0,95 04/2027ES0200002048
OS ADIF-AV-7 0,550 04/2030ES0200002055
OS ADIF-AV-8 0,550 10/2031ES0200002063
OS AUDASA- 3,150 03/2028ES021183923011,500.002.2022105.6200105.97992.143768,000.00105.62002.202241,000.00
OS AUDASA- 3,150 05/2026ES02118392222,000.002.2884103.7000104.94982.00636,000.00104.40002.129915,000.00
OS AUDASA- 3,750 12/2025ES02118392146,000.002.3049105.6500106.67002.05552,000.00106.67102.055211,000.00
OS AUDASA- 5,200 06/2023ES0211839198465,000.001.5088106.1000106.20001.45117,000.00
OS AUDASA- 5,750 05/2022ES021183918045,000.001.7755102.2500102.65501.079912,000.00102.25001.77554,200.00
OS B. SABADELL-1 VBLE 02/2023ES0213860283
OS B. SABADELL-2 VBLE 03/2025ES0213860291
OS B. SABADELL-2 VBLE 04/2025ES0213860325
OS B. SABADELL-4 VBLE 07/2024ES0213860184
OS B. SABADELL-6 VBLE 11/2025ES0213860317
OS B. SABADELL-I VBLE 04/2025ES0213860309
OS B. SABADELL-II VBLE 07/2022ES0213860077
OS B. SABADELL-IV VBLE 07/2022ES0213860275
OS B.B.V.A- 5,650 06/2023ES0213211156
OS B.B.V.A- VBLE 06/2022ES0213211149
OS B.B.V.A-Sb 6,200 07/2023ES0213211131
OS B.B.V.A-Sb VBLE 03/2033ES0213211115
OS B.GUIPUZCOANO- FIJO 04/2022ES0213580048
OS BANCO PASTOR-Sb VBLE PerpetuaES0213770011
OS BANKIA- VBLE 03/2027ES0213307046
OS BANKIA-2 0,750 07/2026ES0213307053
OS BANKIA-2 1,125 11/2026ES0213307061
OS BANKINTER-1 0,875 07/2026ES0213679HN2
OS BANKINTER-10 VBLE 03/2024ES0213679FS5
OS BANKINTER-10 VBLE 03/2026ES0213679MT920,000.00 93.1800
OS BANKINTER-100 VBLE 08/2023ES0213679EH1
OS BANKINTER-100 VBLE 10/2024ES0213679IE9
OS BANKINTER-101 VBLE 06/2022ES0213679AA4
OS BANKINTER-101 VBLE 08/2023ES0213679EI9
OS BANKINTER-101 VBLE 10/2025ES0213679LW5
OS BANKINTER-102 VBLE 10/2024ES0213679IG4
OS BANKINTER-102 VBLE 10/2025ES0213679LX3
OS BANKINTER-104 VBLE 07/2022ES0213679AD8
OS BANKINTER-104 VBLE 10/2025ES0213679LZ8
OS BANKINTER-105 VBLE 07/2022ES0213679AE6
OS BANKINTER-105 VBLE 10/2024ES0213679II0
OS BANKINTER-106 VBLE 10/2025ES0213679MA9
OS BANKINTER-106 VBLE 11/2024ES0213679IJ84,000.00 88.9100
OS BANKINTER-108 VBLE 11/2024ES0213679IK64,000.00 48.3500
OS BANKINTER-108 VBLE 11/2025ES0213679MB7
OS BANKINTER-109 VBLE 11/2025ES0213679MC5
OS BANKINTER-11 VBLE 01/2023ES0213679CJ1
OS BANKINTER-110 VBLE 09/2023ES0213679EP4
OS BANKINTER-112 VBLE 06/2022ES0213679AG1
OS BANKINTER-112 VBLE 09/2023ES0213679ER0
OS BANKINTER-112 VBLE 11/2024ES0213679IL4
OS BANKINTER-112 VBLE 11/2025ES0213679MF8
OS BANKINTER-113 VBLE 10/2021ES0213679R18
OS BANKINTER-113 VBLE 11/2024ES0213679IN0
OS BANKINTER-113 VBLE 11/2025ES0213679ME1
OS BANKINTER-114 VBLE 10/2024ES0213679IM2
OS BANKINTER-114 VBLE 12/2025ES0213679MG620,000.00 92.4300
OS BANKINTER-115 VBLE 09/2023ES0213679ES8
OS BANKINTER-116 VBLE 10/2023ES0213679ET62,000.00 61.9000
OS BANKINTER-116 VBLE 11/2024ES0213679IP5
OS BANKINTER-117 VBLE 10/2023ES0213679EU4
OS BANKINTER-117 VBLE 11/2025ES0213679MI2
OS BANKINTER-118 VBLE 08/2022ES0213679AK3
OS BANKINTER-118 VBLE 11/2025ES0213679MJ0
OS BANKINTER-119 VBLE 08/2022ES0213679AL1
OS BANKINTER-119 VBLE 12/2024ES0213679IR140,000.00 95.5300
OS BANKINTER-119 VBLE 12/2025ES0213679MK8
OS BANKINTER-120 VBLE 07/2022ES0213679AM9
OS BANKINTER-120 VBLE 11/2021ES0213679R67
OS BANKINTER-121 VBLE 09/2023ES0213679EV2
OS BANKINTER-121 VBLE 11/2024ES0213679IU5
OS BANKINTER-122 VBLE 10/2024ES0213679EW0
OS BANKINTER-122 VBLE 12/2024ES0213679IS9
OS BANKINTER-123 VBLE 08/2022ES0213679AN7
OS BANKINTER-124 VBLE 08/2022ES0213679AO5
OS BANKINTER-124 VBLE 11/2024ES0213679IV3
OS BANKINTER-125 VBLE 11/2023ES0213679EX8
OS BANKINTER-125 VBLE 11/2024ES0213679IT7
OS BANKINTER-127 VBLE 10/2023ES0213679EZ3
OS BANKINTER-128 VBLE 11/2024ES0213679IW1
OS BANKINTER-129 VBLE 01/2025ES0213679IX9
OS BANKINTER-129 VBLE 09/2022ES0213679AQ0
OS BANKINTER-13 VBLE 02/2024ES0213679FT3
OS BANKINTER-13 VBLE 02/2026ES0213679MV5
OS BANKINTER-130 VBLE 01/2025ES0213679IY7
OS BANKINTER-130 VBLE 08/2022ES0213679AR8
OS BANKINTER-131 VBLE 01/2025ES0213679IZ440,000.00 92.9800
OS BANKINTER-131 VBLE 11/2023ES0213679FB1
OS BANKINTER-134 VBLE 12/2023ES0213679FE5
OS BANKINTER-136 VBLE 09/2022ES0213679AS6
OS BANKINTER-137 VBLE 09/2022ES0213679AT4
OS BANKINTER-137 VBLE 12/2024ES0213679JD9
OS BANKINTER-138 VBLE 01/2024ES0213679FH8
OS BANKINTER-138 VBLE 09/2022ES0213679AU2
OS BANKINTER-138 VBLE 12/2024ES0213679JE7
OS BANKINTER-14 VBLE 02/2024ES0213679FU1
OS BANKINTER-140 VBLE 09/2022ES0213679AW8
OS BANKINTER-141 VBLE 12/2024ES0213679JF4
OS BANKINTER-142 VBLE 12/2023ES0213679FK2
OS BANKINTER-144 VBLE 01/2025ES0213679JG2
OS BANKINTER-144 VBLE 09/2022ES0213679AX6
OS BANKINTER-145 VBLE 10/2022ES0213679AY4
OS BANKINTER-146 VBLE 01/2022ES0213679T99
OS BANKINTER-146 VBLE 12/2024ES0213679JH0
OS BANKINTER-147 VBLE 12/2024ES0213679JI8
OS BANKINTER-149 VBLE 12/2024ES0213679JJ6
OS BANKINTER-15 VBLE 02/2025ES0213679JQ1
OS BANKINTER-15 VBLE 02/2026ES0213679MX1
OS BANKINTER-15 VBLE 03/2024ES0213679FV9
OS BANKINTER-150 VBLE 10/2022ES0213679BB0
OS BANKINTER-155 VBLE 11/2022ES0213679BF1
OS BANKINTER-156 VBLE 11/2022ES0213679BG9
OS BANKINTER-157 VBLE 10/2022ES0213679BH7
OS BANKINTER-16 VBLE 03/2024ES0213679FW720,000.00 98.0100101.8000 10,000.00
OS BANKINTER-16 VBLE 04/2025ES0213679JS740,000.00 98.4600
OS BANKINTER-162 VBLE 11/2022ES0213679BJ3
OS BANKINTER-163 VBLE 11/2022ES0213679BK1
OS BANKINTER-164 VBLE 11/2022ES0213679BL9
OS BANKINTER-165 VBLE 12/2022ES0213679BM7
OS BANKINTER-166 VBLE 12/2022ES0213679BP0
OS BANKINTER-168 VBLE 12/2022ES0213679BO3
OS BANKINTER-17 VBLE 02/2023ES0213679CL7
OS BANKINTER-17 VBLE 02/2024ES0213679FX5
OS BANKINTER-171 VBLE 12/2022ES0213679BR6
OS BANKINTER-172 VBLE 12/2022ES0213679BS4
OS BANKINTER-173 VBLE 01/2023ES0213679BU02,000.00 73.6400
OS BANKINTER-175 VBLE 12/2022ES0213679BT2
OS BANKINTER-176 VBLE 12/2022ES0213679BV8
OS BANKINTER-177 VBLE 12/2022ES0213679BW6
OS BANKINTER-179 VBLE 12/2022ES0213679BY2
OS BANKINTER-18 VBLE 02/2025ES0213679JU3
OS BANKINTER-182 VBLE 01/2023ES0213679CA0
OS BANKINTER-184 VBLE 01/2023ES0213679CB8
OS BANKINTER-186 VBLE 01/2023ES0213679CD4
OS BANKINTER-19 VBLE 02/2025ES0213679JV1
OS BANKINTER-19 VBLE 03/2026ES0213679NA7
OS BANKINTER-19 VBLE 04/2024ES0213679FY3
OS BANKINTER-2 VBLE 01/2026ES0213679ML6
OS BANKINTER-20 VBLE 02/2025ES0213679JW9
OS BANKINTER-20 VBLE 02/2026ES0213679NB5
OS BANKINTER-20 VBLE 03/2023ES0213679CO12,000.00 43.5800
OS BANKINTER-21 VBLE 02/2023ES0213679CM5
OS BANKINTER-21 VBLE 02/2025ES0213679JX7
OS BANKINTER-21 VBLE 04/2024ES0213679FZ0
OS BANKINTER-22 VBLE 04/2026ES0213679NC310,000.00 89.3000
OS BANKINTER-22 VBLE 05/2024ES0213679GB92,000.00 88.1300
OS BANKINTER-23 VBLE 03/2023ES0213679CP8
OS BANKINTER-24 VBLE 03/2024ES0213679GE3
OS BANKINTER-25 VBLE 03/2024ES0213679GC7
OS BANKINTER-26 VBLE 03/2026ES0213679NG4
OS BANKINTER-26 VBLE 04/2024ES0213679GD520,000.00 98.0000
OS BANKINTER-27 VBLE 03/2023ES0213679CR4
OS BANKINTER-29 VBLE 03/2023ES0213679CS2
OS BANKINTER-29 VBLE 04/2024ES0213679GF0
OS BANKINTER-3 VBLE 01/2024ES0213679FO4
OS BANKINTER-3 VBLE 01/2026ES0213679MM4
OS BANKINTER-3 VBLE 02/2023ES0213679CC6
OS BANKINTER-3 VBLE 02/2025ES0213679JK450,000.00 83.3100
OS BANKINTER-31 VBLE 03/2023ES0213679CT0
OS BANKINTER-31 VBLE 04/2026ES0213679NJ8
OS BANKINTER-32 VBLE 03/2023ES0213679CU8
OS BANKINTER-32 VBLE 04/2024ES0213679GG8
OS BANKINTER-32 VBLE 05/2026ES0213679NK6
OS BANKINTER-33 VBLE 03/2023ES0213679CV6
OS BANKINTER-33 VBLE 04/2024ES0213679GI4
OS BANKINTER-33 VBLE 04/2026ES0213679NL4
OS BANKINTER-34 VBLE 03/2022ES0213679W45
OS BANKINTER-34 VBLE 03/2023ES0213679CW4
OS BANKINTER-34 VBLE 04/2024ES0213679GJ2
OS BANKINTER-34 VBLE 04/2026ES0213679NN0
OS BANKINTER-35 VBLE 04/2026ES0213679NM2
OS BANKINTER-35 VBLE 05/2024ES0213679GK0
OS BANKINTER-37 VBLE 04/2026ES0213679NO8
OS BANKINTER-37 VBLE 05/2024ES0213679GL8
OS BANKINTER-38 VBLE 04/2025ES0213679KI6
OS BANKINTER-38 VBLE 05/2024ES0213679GM6
OS BANKINTER-39 VBLE 04/2026ES0213679NP5
OS BANKINTER-39 VBLE 05/2024ES0213679GN4
OS BANKINTER-4 VBLE 01/2026ES0213679MN2
OS BANKINTER-40 VBLE 05/2026ES0213679NQ3
OS BANKINTER-41 VBLE 05/2023ES0213679CZ72,000.00 61.0100
OS BANKINTER-42 VBLE 05/2024ES0213679GP9
OS BANKINTER-42 VBLE 07/2025ES0213679KK2
OS BANKINTER-43 VBLE 05/2025ES0213679GQ7
OS BANKINTER-43 VBLE 06/2026ES0213679NS9
OS BANKINTER-43 VBLE 07/2025ES0213679LA1
OS BANKINTER-44 VBLE 03/2023ES0213679DA8
OS BANKINTER-44 VBLE 05/2026ES0213679NT7
OS BANKINTER-45 VBLE 03/2023ES0213679DB6
OS BANKINTER-46 VBLE 05/2026ES0213679NU5
OS BANKINTER-47 VBLE 04/2023ES0213679DC4
OS BANKINTER-48 VBLE 05/2023ES0213679DD2
OS BANKINTER-48 VBLE 06/2025ES0213679KN6
OS BANKINTER-49 VBLE 04/2023ES0213679DE0
OS BANKINTER-49 VBLE 05/2024ES0213679GT1
OS BANKINTER-49 VBLE 07/2026ES0213679NW110,000.00 98.8300
OS BANKINTER-5 VBLE 01/2026ES0213679MO0
OS BANKINTER-5 VBLE 02/2024ES0213679FR72,000.00 67.8500
OS BANKINTER-5 VBLE 02/2025ES0213679JM0
OS BANKINTER-50 VBLE 04/2023ES0213679DF7
OS BANKINTER-50 VBLE 06/2025ES0213679KO4
OS BANKINTER-50 VBLE 06/2026ES0213679NX9
OS BANKINTER-51 VBLE 05/2024ES0213679GU9
OS BANKINTER-51 VBLE 06/2026ES0213679NY7
OS BANKINTER-52 VBLE 04/2022ES0213679X36
OS BANKINTER-53 VBLE 06/2026ES0213679NZ4
OS BANKINTER-54 VBLE 06/2024ES0213679GW5
OS BANKINTER-54 VBLE 07/2026ES0213679OA5
OS BANKINTER-55 VBLE 05/2023ES0213679DI1
OS BANKINTER-55 VBLE 06/2026ES0213679OB3
OS BANKINTER-55 VBLE 07/2025ES0213679KT3
OS BANKINTER-56 VBLE 06/2026ES0213679OC1
OS BANKINTER-57 VBLE 05/2023ES0213679DK7
OS BANKINTER-57 VBLE 07/2024ES0213679GX34,000.00 72.0600
OS BANKINTER-58 VBLE 05/2023ES0213679DH3
OS BANKINTER-59 VBLE 07/2025ES0213679KX5
OS BANKINTER-59 VBLE 07/2026ES0213679OG2
OS BANKINTER-6 VBLE 01/2023ES0213679CF9
OS BANKINTER-60 VBLE 06/2023ES0213679DL52,000.00 60.2600
OS BANKINTER-60 VBLE 07/2023ES0213679DR22,000.00 88.0600
OS BANKINTER-60 VBLE 07/2025ES0213679KY3
OS BANKINTER-60 VBLE 07/2026ES0213679OH0
OS BANKINTER-61 VBLE 04/2022ES0213679X77
OS BANKINTER-61 VBLE 06/2024ES0213679HB7
OS BANKINTER-61 VBLE 06/2026ES0213679OI8
OS BANKINTER-61 VBLE 07/2026ES0213679KV9
OS BANKINTER-62 VBLE 04/2022ES0213679Y01
OS BANKINTER-62 VBLE 05/2023ES0213679DN1
OS BANKINTER-63 VBLE 07/2025ES0213679KW7
OS BANKINTER-64 VBLE 06/2023ES0213679DP6
OS BANKINTER-64 VBLE 07/2025ES0213679KZ0
OS BANKINTER-64 VBLE 07/2026ES0213679OK4
OS BANKINTER-64 VBLE 08/2024ES0213679HH44,000.00 80.9200
OS BANKINTER-65 VBLE 07/2026ES0213679OM0
OS BANKINTER-67 VBLE 07/2024ES0213679HE1
OS BANKINTER-68 VBLE 06/2023ES0213679DO9
OS BANKINTER-68 VBLE 06/2024ES0213679HF8
OS BANKINTER-68 VBLE 07/2025ES0213679LJ2
OS BANKINTER-69 VBLE 07/2025ES0213679LC7
OS BANKINTER-7 VBLE 01/2023ES0213679CG7
OS BANKINTER-7 VBLE 02/2026ES0213679MR3
OS BANKINTER-70 VBLE 06/2023ES0213679DQ4
OS BANKINTER-70 VBLE 07/2024ES0213679HK8
OS BANKINTER-70 VBLE 07/2026ES0213679ON8
OS BANKINTER-71 VBLE 08/2024ES0213679HL6
OS BANKINTER-73 VBLE 07/2024ES0213679HJ0
OS BANKINTER-75 VBLE 06/2023ES0213679DS0
OS BANKINTER-75 VBLE 08/2024ES0213679HO0
OS BANKINTER-76 VBLE 06/2023ES0213679DT8
OS BANKINTER-76 VBLE 08/2024ES0213679HP7
OS BANKINTER-77 VBLE 05/2022ES0213679Y50
OS BANKINTER-77 VBLE 07/2023ES0213679DU6
OS BANKINTER-78 VBLE 06/2023ES0213679DV4
OS BANKINTER-78 VBLE 07/2024ES0213679HQ5
OS BANKINTER-8 VBLE 01/2023ES0213679CH5
OS BANKINTER-80 VBLE 07/2025ES0213679LI4
OS BANKINTER-82 VBLE 08/2023ES0213679DZ52,000.00 46.1600
OS BANKINTER-82 VBLE 08/2024ES0213679HU7
OS BANKINTER-83 VBLE 09/2024ES0213679HV5
OS BANKINTER-84 VBLE 05/2022ES0213679Z00
OS BANKINTER-84 VBLE 07/2023ES0213679DY8
OS BANKINTER-86 VBLE 06/2023ES0213679EA6
OS BANKINTER-87 VBLE 06/2022ES0213679Z26
OS BANKINTER-88 VBLE 06/2022ES0213679Z34
OS BANKINTER-88 VBLE 08/2025ES0213679LP9
OS BANKINTER-89 VBLE 06/2022ES0213679Z42
OS BANKINTER-9 VBLE 02/2026ES0213679MS1
OS BANKINTER-92 VBLE 06/2022ES0213679Z75
OS BANKINTER-92 VBLE 07/2023ES0213679EC2
OS BANKINTER-93 VBLE 06/2022ES0213679Z83
OS BANKINTER-93 VBLE 10/2025ES0213679LU920,000.00 98.0600
OS BANKINTER-94 VBLE 07/2023ES0213679ED0
OS BANKINTER-94 VBLE 09/2025ES0213679LV7
OS BANKINTER-95 VBLE 08/2023ES0213679EE8
OS BANKINTER-96 VBLE 10/2024ES0213679IB54,000.00 101.1700
OS BANKINTER-97 VBLE 06/2022ES0213679Z91
OS BANKINTER-98 VBLE 07/2023ES0213679EF5
OS BANKINTER-98 VBLE 10/2024ES0213679IC3
OS BANKINTER-99 VBLE 07/2023ES0213679EG3
OS BANKINTER-99 VBLE 10/2024ES0213679ID1
OS BANKINTER-I 0,625 10/2027ES0213679JR9
OS BANKINTER-Sb 6,000 12/2028ES0213679030
OS BBVA GLOBAL-105 VBLE 10/2022ES0205067251
OS BBVA GLOBAL-111 VBLE 07/2027ES0205067301
OS BBVA GLOBAL-115 VBLE 07/2024ES0205067319
OS BBVA GLOBAL-121 VBLE 01/2026ES0205067335
OS BBVA GLOBAL-122 VBLE 12/2025ES0205067343
OS BBVA GLOBAL-135 VBLE 02/2028ES0205067376
OS BBVA GLOBAL-138 VBLE 07/2023ES0205067384
OS BBVA GLOBAL-157 VBLE 02/2025ES0205067426
OS BBVA GLOBAL-159 VBLE 03/2034ES0205067434
OS BBVA GLOBAL-174 2,200 02/2040ES0205067467
OS BBVA GLOBAL-182 VBLE 10/2025ES0205067475
OS BBVA GLOBAL-36 VBLE 05/2022ES0205067087
OS BBVA GLOBAL-41 VBLE 06/2022ES0205067095
OS BBVA GLOBAL-51 VBLE 09/2026ES0205067111
OS BBVA GLOBAL-52 VBLE 09/2026ES0205067129
OS BBVA GLOBAL-64 2,71 01/2022ES0205067145
OS BBVA GLOBAL-80 VBLE 01/2025ES0205067178
OS BBVA GLOBAL-92 VBLE 07/2027ES0205067194
OS BBVA GLOBAL-94 VBLE 01/2027ES0205067202
OS BBVA GLOBAL-96 VBLE 04/2023ES0205067210
OS BBVA GLOBAL-97 VBLE 07/2022ES0205067228
OS BBVA GLOBAL-99 VBLE 07/2025ES0205067236
OS C. TERRASSA-1 2,020 03/2022ES0214974083
OS C. TERRASSA-Sb VBLE PerpetuaES0214974075100,000.00 92.0000
OS C.CATALUNYA- CERO 01/2038ES0214840367
OS C.CATALUNYA- CERO 01/2039ES0214840375
OS C.CATALUNYA- CERO 10/2038ES0214840359
OS C.CATALUNYA- VBLE 10/2026ES0214840300
OS CAIXABANK-17 VBLE 07/2023ES0240609034
OS CAIXABANK-I VBLE 02/2033ES0240609141
OS CAIXABANK-I VBLE 04/2023ES0240609117
OS CAIXABANK-I VBLE 04/2025ES0240609182
OS CAIXABANK-I VBLE 05/2022ES0240609091
OS CAIXABANK-I VBLE 05/2024ES0240609166
OS CAIXABANK-I VBLE 06/2023ES0240609125
OS CAIXABANK-I VBLE 06/2024ES0240609158
OS CAIXABANK-I VBLE 10/2022ES0240609109
OS CAIXABANK-II VBLE 03/2022ES0240609083
OS CAIXABANK-II VBLE 08/2024ES0240609174
OS CAIXABANK-Sb VBLE 07/2042ES0240609133
OS CAJA BADAJOZ-Sb VBLE 06/2022ES0214920094
OS CAJA MADRID- 4,760 12/2028ES0214950208
OS CajaGRANADA- VBLE 03/2022ES0214982128
OS COLONIAL-6 1,350 10/2028ES0239140017
OS COLONIAL-7 0,750 06/2029ES0239140025
OS CORES- 1,500 11/2022ES0224261042
OS CORES- 2,500 10/2024ES0224261034
OS CORES-1 1,750 11/2027ES0224261059
OS CRITERIA- 1,500 05/2023ES0205045018
OS CRITERIA- 1,625 04/2022ES0205045000
OS CRITERIA-1 0,875 10/2027ES0205045026
OS CYII GESTION- 1,680 02/2025ES0205061007
OS EROSKI-Sb VBLE 02/2028ES02314290469,748.75 38.000048.4950 6,600.0038.0000 11,564.00
OS EROSKI-Sb VBLE PerpetuaES023142900420,000.00 21.501027.4790 10,000.00
OS EROSKI-Sb VBLE PerpetuaES023142903830,000.00 19.001822.9500 20,000.00
OS FERROVIAL EM- 0,375 09/2022ES0205032016
OS FERROVIAL EM- 0,540 11/2028ES0205032040
OS FERROVIAL EM- 1,375 03/2025ES0205032024
OS FERROVIAL EM- 1,382 05/2026ES0205032032
OS FERROVIAL EM- 2,500 07/2024ES0205032008
OS IBERCAJA BAN-Sb VBLE 07/2030ES0244251015
OS KUTXABANK- 2,750 01/2033ES0243307008
OS KUTXABANK- VBLE 10/2027ES0243307016
OS LIBERBANK- VBLE 03/2027ES0268675032
OS MAPFRE-1 1,625 05/2026ES0224244071
OS MAPFRE-Sb VBLE 03/2047ES0224244089
OS MAPFRE-Sb VBLE 09/2048ES0224244097
OS MARE NOSTRUM-Sb VBLE 11/2026ES0213056007
OS METROTENERIFE- 1,229 07/2036ES0205597000
OS SANT ESPAÑA-41 VBLE 12/2025ES0205014048
OS SANT ESPAÑA-73 VBLE 11/2023ES0205014063140,000.00 100.0200101.0200 1,400.00
OS SANT ESPAÑA-74 VBLE 12/2023ES0205014071140,000.00 100.0100101.0100 1,400.00
OS SANT ESPAÑA-83 VBLE 11/2023ES0205014089100,000.00 100.8300101.8300 25,000.00
OS SANT ESPAÑA-87 VBLE 06/2024ES0205014097100,000.00 101.4800102.4800 25,000.00
OS SANT ESPAÑA-88 VBLE 06/2024ES02050141058,000.00 45.4120
OS SANT INTER PROD- VBLE 11/2025ES0205466008100,000.00 100.4800100.5000 80,000.00
OS SANTANDER- VBLE PerpetuaES0213900220742,100.00 94.800095.5000 9,600.0094.6500 26,000.00
OS UNICAJA BANC-Sb VBLE 11/2029ES0280907017
PG - Commercial paper
PE AENA S.M.E., S.A. DESC 19/11/2021ES0505046062
PE B. SABADELL DESC 01/02/2022ES0513862RR1
PE B. SABADELL DESC 02/03/2022ES0513862PX3
PE B. SABADELL DESC 05/01/2022ES0513862RD1
PE B. SABADELL DESC 06/04/2022ES0513862QS1
PE B. SABADELL DESC 10/11/2021ES0513862PR5
PE B. SABADELL DESC 10/12/2021ES0513862RM2
PE B. SABADELL DESC 14/01/2022ES0513862RP5
PE B. SABADELL DESC 14/12/2021ES0513862RN0
PE B. SABADELL DESC 15/12/2021ES0513862RO8
PE B. SABADELL DESC 16/02/2022ES0513862RS9
PE B. SABADELL DESC 16/03/2022ES0513862RE9
PE B. SABADELL DESC 16/11/2021ES0513862RJ8
PE B. SABADELL DESC 17/01/2022ES0513862RQ3
PE B. SABADELL DESC 17/11/2021ES0513862RK6
PE B. SABADELL DESC 18/05/2022ES0513862QV5
PE B. SABADELL DESC 19/01/2022ES0513862QY9
PE B. SABADELL DESC 21/09/2022ES0513862RG4
PE B. SABADELL DESC 22/06/2022ES0513862RA7
PE B. SABADELL DESC 25/10/2021ES0513862RI0
PE B. SABADELL DESC 29/12/2021ES0513862RB5
PE B. SABADELL DESC 30/03/2022ES0513862RC3
PE B. SABADELL DESC 30/11/2021ES0513862RL4
PE B. SABADELL DESC 31/03/2022ES0513862RF6
PE BANCA MARCH DESC 15/12/2021ES0513045WO0
PE BANCA MARCH DESC 31/03/2022ES0513045WP7
PE BANKINTER DESC 01/02/2022ES05136898M9
PE BANKINTER DESC 01/03/2022ES05136898E6
PE BANKINTER DESC 01/11/2021ES05136897W0
PE BANKINTER DESC 01/12/2021ES05136898H9
PE BANKINTER DESC 03/01/2022ES05136898J5
PE BANKINTER DESC 06/01/2022ES05136898N7
PE BANKINTER DESC 08/11/2021ES05136897X8
PE BANKINTER DESC 09/09/2022ES05136897T6
PE BANKINTER DESC 11/02/2022ES05136898B2
PE BANKINTER DESC 15/02/2022ES05136898C0
PE BANKINTER DESC 15/12/2021ES05136898I7
PE BANKINTER DESC 17/01/2022ES05136898K3
PE BANKINTER DESC 19/11/2021ES05136897Y6
PE BANKINTER DESC 23/03/2022ES05136898F3
PE BANKINTER DESC 28/01/2022ES05136898L1
PE BANKINTER DESC 28/02/2022ES05136898D8
PE BANKINTER DESC 29/03/2022ES05136898G1
PE BANKINTER DESC 30/11/2021ES05136897Z3
PE BANKINTER DESC 31/03/2022ES05136898A4
PE BANKINTER SF DESC 09/09/2022ES0513924367
PE ENDESA DESC 02/11/2021ES0530670YU7
PE ENDESA DESC 07/01/2022ES0530670ZM1
PE ENDESA DESC 07/02/2022ES0530670ZK5
PE ENDESA DESC 07/03/2022ES0530670ZL3
PE ENDESA DESC 07/12/2021ES0530670ZD0
PE ENDESA DESC 08/02/2022ES0530670ZO7
PE ENDESA DESC 08/03/2022ES0530670ZN9
PE ENDESA DESC 10/11/2021ES0530670ZF5
PE ENDESA DESC 13/12/2021ES0530670ZE8
PE ENDESA DESC 14/01/2022ES0530670ZQ2
PE ENDESA DESC 14/12/2021ES0530670ZP4
PE ENDESA DESC 15/11/2021ES0530670ZS8
PE ENDESA DESC 28/01/2022ES0530670ZI9
PE ENDESA DESC 28/02/2022ES0530670ZG3
PE ENDESA DESC 28/10/2021ES0530670YS1
PE ENDESA DESC 29/10/2021ES0530670YV5
PE ENDESA DESC 29/11/2021ES0530670ZH1
PE ENDESA DESC 30/11/2021ES0530670ZC2
PE ENDESA DESC 31/01/2022ES0530670ZJ7
PE SANT CONSUME DESC 04/05/2022ES0513495UN3
PE SANT CONSUME DESC 04/07/2022ES0513495UL7
PE SANT CONSUME DESC 12/11/2021ES0513495UI3
PE SANT CONSUME DESC 20/12/2021ES0513495UQ6
PE SANT CONSUME DESC 21/03/2023ES0513495UP8
PE SANT CONSUME DESC 28/10/2021ES0513495UH5
PE SANT CONSUME DESC 29/09/2022ES0513495UM5
PE TELEFONICA DESC 17/03/2022ES0578430OV8
PE TELEFONICA DESC 21/10/2021ES0578430OU0
CD - Covered bonds
CH ABANCA-1 VBLE 06/2025ES0465936062
CH ABANCA-I 0,750 05/2029ES0465936054
CH B. POPULAR- 5,280 06/2029ES0413790264
CH B. POPULAR- VBLE 03/2022ES0413790348
CH B. POPULAR- VBLE 09/2026ES0413790280
CH B. POPULAR- VBLE 10/2027ES0413790298
CH B. POPULAR- VBLE 11/2028ES0413790306
CH B. POPULAR- VBLE 12/2021ES0413790322
CH B. POPULAR-1 1,000 03/2022ES0413790439
CH B. POPULAR-1 1,000 04/2025ES0413790397
CH B. POPULAR-1 VBLE 02/2026ES0413790330
CH B. POPULAR-1 VBLE 03/2024ES0413790470
CH B. POPULAR-2 VBLE 04/2027ES0413790488
CH B. POPULAR-2 VBLE 06/2023ES0413790405
CH B. POPULAR-3 1,133 12/2024ES0413790462
CH B. POPULAR-5 VBLE 09/2022ES0413790389
CH B. SABADELL- VBLE 05/2023ES0413860448
CH B. SABADELL- VBLE 10/2022ES0413860307
CH B. SABADELL- VBLE 12/2021ES0413860265
CH B. SABADELL- VBLE 12/2021ES0413860356
CH B. SABADELL-1 0,625 06/2024ES0413860547
CH B. SABADELL-1 0.125 02/2028ES0413860745
CH B. SABADELL-1 VBLE 03/2026ES0413860760
CH B. SABADELL-1 VBLE 09/2022ES0413860364
CH B. SABADELL-2 VBLE 05/2024ES0413860539
CH B. SABADELL-2 VBLE 06/2025ES0413860752
CH B. SABADELL-2 VBLE 06/2026ES0413860778
CH B. SABADELL-2 VBLE 10/2023ES0413860372
CH B. SABADELL-2 VBLE 12/2024ES0413860729
CH B. SABADELL-3 VBLE 06/2027ES0413860786
CH B. SABADELL-3 VBLE 12/2025ES0413860737
CH B. SABADELL-4 0,875 11/2021ES0413860398
CH B. SABADELL-5 VBLE 12/2022ES0413860406
CH B. SABADELL-I 0,886 07/2025ES0413860604
CH B. SABADELL-I 1,000 04/2027ES0413860596
CH B. SABADELL-I 1,086 12/2026ES0413860646
CH B. SABADELL-I VBLE 01/2022ES0413860695
CH B. SABADELL-I VBLE 01/2024ES0413860521
CH B. SABADELL-II 0,125 10/2023ES0413860554
CH B. SABADELL-II VBLE 07/2023ES0413860471
CH B. SABADELL-III 0,969 12/2024ES0413860588
CH B. SABADELL-IV VBLE 12/2021ES0413860570
CH B.B.V.A- 0,625 03/2023ES0413211873
CH B.B.V.A- 0,750 01/2022ES0413211824
CH B.B.V.A- 0,875 11/2026ES0413211915
CH B.B.V.A- 2,250 06/2024ES0413211816
CH B.B.V.A- 3,875 01/2023ES0413211790
CH B.B.V.A- 4,600 02/2037ES0413211147
CH B.B.V.A- VBLE 01/2026ES0413211A26
CH B.B.V.A- VBLE 01/2028ES0413211923
CH B.B.V.A- VBLE 03/2023ES0413211949
CH B.B.V.A- VBLE 05/2025ES0413211840
CH B.B.V.A- VBLE 05/2026ES0413211A34
CH B.B.V.A- VBLE 06/2023ES0413211774
CH B.B.V.A- VBLE 07/2023ES0413211956
CH B.B.V.A- VBLE 09/2022ES0413211931
CH B.B.V.A- VBLE 10/2023ES0413211972
CH B.B.V.A- VBLE 10/2025ES0413211A18
CH B.B.V.A-A 4,000 02/2025ES0413211071
CH B.PASTOR SAU-1 VBLE 07/2028ES0405035009
CH B.VALENCIA- VBLE 08/2027ES0413980022
CH BANCA MARCH-I VBLE 04/2026ES0413040066
CH BANCA MARCH-I VBLE 08/2030ES0413040090
CH BANCA MARCH-II 0,081 11/2031ES0413040082
CH BANCA MARCH-II VBLE 08/2035ES0413040108
CH BANCA MARCH-III VBLE 11/2026ES0413040074
CH BANCA MARCH-IV VBLE 12/2027ES0413040116
CH BANKIA-1 1,000 09/2025ES0413307093
CH BANKIA-1 VBLE 01/2027ES0413307150
CH BANKIA-1 VBLE 05/2023ES0413307069
CH BANKIA-1 VBLE 05/2027ES0413307077
CH BANKIA-1 VBLE 06/2026ES0413307135
CH BANKIA-2 0,150 11/2027ES0413307168
CH BANKIA-2 1,000 03/2023ES0413307127
CH BANKIA-2 1,125 08/2022ES0413307101
CH BANKIA-2 VBLE 10/2026ES0413307143
CH BANKIA-3 VBLE 05/2028ES0413307085
CH BANKINTER- VBLE 05/2023ES0413679285
CH BANKINTER-1 1,000 02/2025ES0413679327
CH BANKINTER-I 1,200 06/2035ES0413679434
CH BANKINTER-I 1,250 02/2028ES0413679418
CH BANKINTER-I VBLE 02/2028ES0413679509
CH BANKINTER-I VBLE 04/2027ES0413679384
CH BANKINTER-I VBLE 04/2030ES0413679475
CH BANKINTER-I VBLE 05/2025ES0413679483
CH BANKINTER-I VBLE 09/2024ES0413679491
CH BANKINTER-I VBLE 11/2027ES0413679400
CH BANKINTER-II VBLE 09/2023ES0413679426
CH BANKINTER-II VBLE 09/2029ES0413679442
CH BANKINTER-III VBLE 11/2026ES0413679459
CH BANKINTER-IV 0,875 08/2022ES0413679343
CH BANKINTER-IV VBLE 12/2027ES0413679467
CH BARCLAYS BAN- VBLE 09/2022ES0413985039
CH C. RURAL CM-2 0,875 05/2024ES0457089011
CH C.RURAL GRAN-II 1,250 05/2028ES0415143025
CH C.RURAL NAVA- 0,50 03/2022ES0415306036
CH C.RURAL NAVA- 0,875 05/2025ES0415306069
CH C.RURAL NAVA- 1,000 11/2025ES0415306077
CH C.RURAL NAVA- 3,650 02/2029ES0415306028
CH C.RURAL NAVA-VII 0,625 12/2023ES0415306051
CH C.RURAL NAVA-X 0,500 04/2027ES0415306085
CH CAIXABANK- 0,625 03/2025ES0440609271
CH CAIXABANK- VBLE 06/2022ES0440609115
CH CAIXABANK- VBLE 06/2023ES0440609123
CH CAIXABANK- VBLE 06/2024ES0440609131
CH CAIXABANK- VBLE 06/2025ES0440609149
CH CAIXABANK- VBLE 06/2026ES0440609156
CH CAIXABANK- VBLE 07/2027ES0440609164
CH CAIXABANK- VBLE 07/2027ES0440609172
CH CAIXABANK- VBLE 07/2028ES0440609180
CH CAIXABANK-20 2,625 03/2024ES0440609248
CH CAIXABANK-24 1,000 02/2023ES0440609313
CH CAIXABANK-25 VBLE 12/2022ES0440609321
CH CAIXABANK-26 1,250 01/2027ES0440609339
CH CAIXABANK-27 1,625 07/2032ES0440609347
CH CAIXABANK-28 VBLE 10/2023ES0440609354
CH CAIXABANK-29 VBLE 10/2026ES0440609362
CH CAIXABANK-30 VBLE 10/2025ES0440609370
CH CAIXABANK-31 VBLE 10/2025ES0440609388
CH CAIXABANK-32 1,000 01/2028ES0440609396
CH CAIXABANK-37 1,640 11/2033ES0440609404
CH CAIXABANK-38 VBLE 12/2021ES0440609420
CH CAJA MADRID- 4,000 02/2025ES0414950628
CH CAJA MADRID- 4,125 03/2036ES0414950644
CH CAJA MADRID- 4,500 04/2022ES0414950685
CH CAJAMAR- 1,250 01/2022ES0422714032
CH CAJAMAR- 5,500 10/2021ES0414601056
CH CAJAMAR-I 0,100 07/2029ES0422714156
CH CAJAMAR-I 0,85 01/2022ES0422714081
CH CAJAMAR-I 0,875 06/2023ES0422714123
CH CAJAMAR-I FIJO 05/2025ES0422714131
CH CAJAMAR-II 0,000 12/2027ES0422714149
CH CAJAMAR-II 1,150 09/2024ES0422714115
CH CAJAMAR-III 1,000 06/2022ES0422714073
CH Cajasur Banco- VBLE 03/2027ES0413464027
CH DEUTSCHE SAE- 0,500 03/2024ES0413320096
CH DEUTSCHE SAE- 0,625 12/2021ES0413320088
CH DEUTSCHE SAE- 0,875 01/2025ES0413320104
CH DEUTSCHE SAE- 1,125 01/2023ES0413320062
CH DEUTSCHE SAE- VBLE 12/2024ES0413320120
CH DEUTSCHE SAE-4 VBLE 07/2022ES0413320039
CH DEUTSCHE SAE-5 VBLE 07/2024ES0413320047
CH EUROCAJA RURAL-III 0,125 09/2031ES0457089029
CH GLOBALCAJA-I 0,500 06/2030ES0405489008
CH IBERCAJA BAN- 0,250 10/2023ES0444251047
CH IBERCAJA BAN- VBLE 03/2028ES0444251070
CH IBERCAJA BAN-I VBLE 09/2022ES0444251054
CH IBERCAJA BAN-II VBLE 09/2024ES0444251062
CH KUTXABANK- 3,680 12/2026ES0443307022
CH KUTXABANK- 1,250 09/2025ES0443307063
CH LA CAIXA- 3,875 02/2025ES0414970204
CH LA CAIXA- 4,500 01/2022ES0414970303
CH LA CAIXA- 5,4315 06/2038ES0414970451
CH LIBERBANK- FIJO 09/2029ES0468675030
CH LIBERBANK- VBLE 07/2024ES0468675014
CH LIBERBANK- VBLE 12/2025ES0468675022
CH SANT CONSUME- 0,000 05/2022ES0413495021
CH SANTANDER- 3,875 02/2026ES0413900129
CH SANTANDER- 4,625 05/2027ES0413900160
CH SANTANDER- VBLE 01/2022ES0413900194
CH SANTANDER-1 0,450 12/2021ES0413900467
CH SANTANDER-10 0,875 05/2031ES0413900558
CH SANTANDER-11 0,250 07/2029ES0413900566
CH SANTANDER-12 FIJO 06/2030ES0413900574
CH SANTANDER-13 0,050 02/2030ES0413900582
CH SANTANDER-14 0,010 02/2025ES0413900590
CH SANTANDER-15 0,100 02/2032ES0413900608
CH SANTANDER-16 FIJO 03/2025ES0413900616
CH SANTANDER-17 FIJO 04/2027ES0413900624
CH SANTANDER-2 0,130 06/2022ES0413900475
CH SANTANDER-21 0,010 10/2032ES0413900699
CH SANTANDER-23 0,180 06/2031ES0413900723
CH SANTANDER-24 0,190 06/2031ES0413900731
CH SANTANDER-25 0,180 07/2031ES0413900749
CH SANTANDER-26 0,180 07/2031ES0413900756
CH SANTANDER-27 0,02 07/2031ES0413900764
CH SANTANDER-28 0,110 09/2031ES0413900772
CH SANTANDER-31 1,125 11/2024ES0413900368
CH SANTANDER-32 2,000 11/2034ES0413900376
CH SANTANDER-33 0,750 09/2022ES0413900384
CH SANTANDER-34 1,500 01/2026ES0413900392
CH SANTANDER-35 2,038 02/2036ES0413900400
CH SANTANDER-36 1,517 03/2028ES0413900418
CH SANTANDER-4 0,160 06/2022ES0413900491
CH SANTANDER-5ª VBLE 11/2029ES0413900509
CH SANTANDER-6 VBLE 06/2023ES0413900517
CH SANTANDER-7 0,295 10/2022ES0413900525
CH SANTANDER-8 1,125 10/2028ES0413900533
CH SANTANDER-9 0,403 11/2023ES0413900541
CH UNICAJA- VBLE 11/2022ES0458759026
CH UNICAJA- VBLE 12/2021ES0464872086
CI B.B.V.A- VBLE 09/2022ES0413211964
CI DEUTSCHE SAE-1 VBLE 10/2023ES0413320112
CI SANTANDER-1 VBLE 04/2025ES0413900632
CI SANTANDER-2 VBLE 04/2027ES0413900640
CI SANTANDER-3 VBLE 04/2027ES0413900657
CI SANTANDER-4 VBLE 03/2026ES0413900707
CM AYT CEC.GLOB-10 4,250 10/2023ES0312298096
CM AYT CEC.GLOB-13 4,750 05/2027ES0312298120
CM AYT CEC.GLOB-3 3,750 12/2022ES0312298021
CM AYT CED.X-B 3,750 06/2025ES0312342019
CM CED.TDA 6- 3,875 05/2025ES0317046003
CM IM CEDULA 10- 4,500 02/2022ES0349045007
CM PRO INDP CED -P1 5,125 07/2022ES0334699008
CM PROG CED TDA-A5 4,250 03/2027ES0371622046
CM PROG CED TDA-A6 4,250 04/2031ES0371622020
CT B. POPULAR- VBLE 03/2023ES0413790249
CT B. POPULAR-1 0,708 05/2024ES0413790447
CT B. POPULAR-1 VBLE 07/2022ES0413790371
CT B. SABADELL-1 VBLE 12/2022ES0413860703
CT B. SABADELL-2 VBLE 12/2025ES0413860711
CT B. SABADELL-I VBLE 12/2024ES0413860679
CT B.B.V.A- VBLE 03/2022ES0413211451
CT B.B.V.A- VBLE 06/2022ES0413211212
CT B.B.V.A- VBLE 06/2025ES0413211998
CT B.B.V.A- VBLE 08/2023ES0413211477
CT B.B.V.A- VBLE 09/2025ES0413211A00
CT B.B.V.A- VBLE 10/2021ES0413211907
CT B.B.V.A- VBLE 10/2024ES0413211980
CT B.B.V.A- VBLE 10/2026ES0413211A42
CT BANESTO- VBLE 06/2022ES0413440274
CT CAIXABANK-10 VBLE 06/2025ES0440609438
CT CAIXABANK-9 VBLE 12/2022ES0440609412
CT CAJAMAR-I 0,800 03/2022ES0422714107
CT SANTANDER-18 FIJO 06/2027ES0413900665
CT SANTANDER-19 0,070 06/2027ES0413900673
CT SANTANDER-20 FIJO 07/2027ES0413900681
CT SANTANDER-22 0,200 05/2031ES0413900715
PP - Preference shares
PPR ABANCA- VBLE PerpetuaES0865936019
PPR ABANCA- VBLE PerpetuaES0865936001
PPR B.B.V.A-10 VBLE PerpetuaES0813211028
PPR B.B.V.A-7 VBLE PerpetuaES0813211002
PPR B.B.V.A-8 VBLE PerpetuaES0813211010
PPR CAIXABANK- VBLE PerpetuaES0840609004
PPR CAIXABANK- VBLE PerpetuaES0840609012
PPR CAIXABANK- VBLE PerpetuaES0840609020
PPR CAIXABANK- VBLE PerpetuaES0840609038
PPR IBERCAJA BAN- VBLE PerpetuaES0844251001
TZ - Securitised products
BTH AYT.GEN. H4-A VBLE 05/2036ES0370150007
BTH AYT.GEN. H4-B VBLE 05/2036ES0370150015
BTH AYT.GEN. H6-A2 VBLE 01/2038ES0312349014
BTH AYT.GEN. H6-B VBLE 01/2038ES0312349022
BTH AYT.GEN. H6-C VBLE 01/2038ES0312349030
BTH AYT.GEN. H6-D VBLE 01/2038ES0312349048
BTH AYT.GEN.H10-A2 VBLE 03/2040ES0312301015
BTH AYT.GEN.H10-B VBLE 03/2040ES0312301023
BTH AYT.GEN.H10-C VBLE 03/2040ES0312301031
BTH AYT.GEN.H10-D VBLE 03/2040ES0312301049
BTH AYT.GEN.H11-A2 VBLE 11/2040ES0312302013
BTH AYT.GEN.H11-B VBLE 11/2040ES0312302021
BTH AYT.GEN.H11-C VBLE 11/2040ES0312302039
BTH AYT.GEN.H11-D VBLE 11/2040ES0312302047
BTH AYT.GEN.H12-A VBLE 03/2051ES0312285002
BTH AYT.GEN.H12-B VBLE 03/2051ES0312285010
BTH AYT.GEN.H7-A2 VBLE 09/2038ES0312343017
BTH AYT.GEN.H7-B VBLE 09/2038ES0312343025
BTH AYT.GEN.H7-C VBLE 09/2038ES0312343033
BTH AYT.GEN.H8-A2 VBLE 05/2039ES0312344015
BTH AYT.GEN.H8-B VBLE 05/2039ES0312344023
BTH AYT.GEN.H8-C VBLE 05/2039ES0312344031
BTH AYT.GEN.H8-D VBLE 05/2039ES0312344049
BTH AYT.GEN.H9-A2 VBLE 07/2039ES0312300017
BTH AYT.GEN.H9-B VBLE 07/2039ES0312300025
BTH AYT.GEN.H9-C VBLE 07/2039ES0312300033
BTH AYT.GEN.H9-D VBLE 07/2039ES0312300041
BTH BANKINTER 11-A2 VBLE 08/2048ES0313714018
BTH BANKINTER 11-B VBLE 08/2048ES0313714026
BTH BANKINTER 11-C VBLE 08/2048ES0313714034
BTH BANKINTER 11-D VBLE 08/2048ES0313714042
BTH BANKINTER 11-E VBLE 08/2048ES0313714059
BTH GAT ICO-FTVP-A VBLE 06/2036ES0341068007
BTH GAT ICO-FTVP-BA VBLE 06/2036ES0341068015
BTH GAT ICO-FTVP-BM VBLE 06/2036ES0341068023
BTH GAT ICO-FTVP-BP VBLE 06/2036ES0341068031
BTH GAT ICO-FTVP-BT VBLE 06/2036ES0341068049
BTH GAT ICO-FTVP-CA VBLE 06/2036ES0341068056
BTH GAT ICO-FTVP-CM VBLE 06/2036ES0341068064
BTH GAT ICO-FTVP-CP VBLE 06/2036ES0341068072
BTH GAT ICO-FTVP-CT VBLE 06/2036ES0341068080
BTH GAT ICO-FTVP-DA VBLE 06/2036ES0341068098
BTH GAT ICO-FTVP-DM VBLE 06/2036ES0341068106
BTH GAT ICO-FTVP-DP VBLE 06/2036ES0341068114
BTH GAT ICO-FTVP-DT VBLE 06/2036ES0341068122
BTH IM PASTOR 2-A VBLE 09/2041ES0347861009
BTH IM PASTOR 2-B VBLE 09/2041ES0347861017
BTH IM PASTOR 2-C VBLE 09/2041ES0347861025
BTH IM PASTOR 2-D VBLE 09/2041ES0347861033
BTH IM PASTOR 3-A VBLE 03/2043ES0347862007
BTH IM PASTOR 3-B VBLE 03/2043ES0347862015
BTH IM PASTOR 3-C VBLE 03/2043ES0347862023
BTH IM PASTOR 3-D VBLE 03/2043ES0347862031
BTH RMBS SANT 6-A VBLE 02/2063ES0305493001
BTH RMBS SANT 6-B VBLE 02/2063ES0305493019
BTH RMBS SANT 6-C VBLE 02/2063ES0305493027
BTH TDA ICO IBER-AG VBLE 05/2036ES0377936002
BTH TDA ICO IBER-B VBLE 05/2036ES0377936010
BTH UCI 12-A VBLE 12/2039ES0338147004
BTH UCI 12-B VBLE 12/2039ES0338147012
BTH UCI 12-C VBLE 12/2039ES0338147020
BTH VALENCIA HP2-A VBLE 01/2043ES0382745000
BTH VALENCIA HP2-B VBLE 01/2043ES0382745018
BTH VALENCIA HP2-C VBLE 01/2043ES0382745026
BTH VALENCIA HP2-D VBLE 01/2043ES0382745034
BTN SABADELL CON I-B VBLE 03/2031ES0305443014
BTN SABADELL CON I-D VBLE 03/2031ES0305443030
BTN A-BEST 20-A FIJO 05/2035ES0305607006
BTN A-BEST 20-B 0,625 05/2035ES0305607014
BTN A-BEST 20-M 2,300 05/2035ES0305607022
BTN AUT ABS S 18-A VBLE 06/2029ES0305370001
BTN AUT ABS S 18-B 2,000 06/2029ES0305370019
BTN AUT ABS S 20-A VBLE 06/2031ES0305506000
BTN AUT ABS S 20-B VBLE 06/2031ES0305506018
BTN AUT ABS S 20-C VBLE 06/2031ES0305506026
BTN AUT ABS S 20-D 3,600 06/2031ES0305506034
BTN AUT ABS S 20-E 5,700 06/2031ES0305506042
BTN AUT ABS S 20-F 5,980 06/2031ES0305506059
BTN AUTONORIA SPA 21-A VBLE 01/2039ES0305565006
BTN AUTONORIA SPA 21-B VBLE 01/2039ES0305565014
BTN AUTONORIA SPA 21-C VBLE 01/2039ES0305565022
BTN AUTONORIA SPA 21-D VBLE 01/2039ES0305565030
BTN AUTONORIA SPA 21-E VBLE 01/2039ES0305565048
BTN AUTONORIA SPA 21-F VBLE 01/2039ES0305565055
BTN AUTONORIA SPA 21-G 5,250 01/2039ES0305565063
BTN AUTONORIA SPAIN-G 6,000 12/2035ES0305452064
BTN AYT COL GLOB-10A 1,300 06/2043ES0312273362
BTN AYT COL GLOB-10B 1,600 06/2043ES0312273370
BTN AYT COL GLOB-10C 2,000 06/2043ES0312273388
BTN AYT COL GLOB-10D 3,000 06/2043ES0312273396
BTN AYT COL GLOB-12A VBLE 03/2048ES0312273446
BTN AYT COL GLOB-12B VBLE 03/2048ES0312273453
BTN AYT COL GLOB-12C VBLE 03/2048ES0312273461
BTN AYT COL GLOB-12D VBLE 03/2048ES0312273479
BTN AYT COL GLOB-1A 1,170 03/2047ES0312273008
BTN AYT COL GLOB-1B 1,300 03/2047ES0312273016
BTN AYT COL GLOB-1C 1,650 03/2047ES0312273024
BTN AYT COL GLOB-1D 3,000 03/2047ES0312273032
BTN AYT COL GLOB-3A VBLE 11/2047ES0312273081
BTN AYT COL GLOB-3B VBLE 11/2047ES0312273099
BTN AYT COL GLOB-3C VBLE 11/2047ES0312273107
BTN AYT COL GLOB-3D VBLE 11/2047ES0312273115
BTN AYT COL GLOB-7A 1,300 11/2047ES0312273248
BTN AYT COL GLOB-7B 1,600 11/2047ES0312273255
BTN AYT COL GLOB-7C 2,500 11/2047ES0312273263
BTN AYT COL GLOB-7D 3,500 11/2047ES0312273271
BTN AYT GRANA H1-A VBLE 03/2047ES0312212006
BTN AYT GRANA H1-B VBLE 03/2047ES0312212014
BTN AYT GRANA H1-C VBLE 03/2047ES0312212022
BTN AYT GRANA H1-D VBLE 03/2047ES0312212030
BTN AYT GY HPIII-A VBLE 12/2052ES0312274006
BTN AYT GY HPIII-B VBLE 12/2052ES0312274014
BTN AYT GY HPIV-A VBLE 09/2052ES0312275003
BTN AYT GY HPIV-B VBLE 09/2052ES0312275011
BTN AYT GY HPV-A VBLE 03/2053ES0312276001
BTN AYT GY HPV-B VBLE 03/2053ES0312276019
BTN AYT HIP BBK1-A VBLE 04/2037ES0312364005
BTN AYT HIP BBK1-B VBLE 04/2037ES0312364013
BTN AYT HIP BBK1-C VBLE 04/2037ES0312364021
BTN AYT HIP BBK2-A VBLE 04/2041ES0312251004
BTN AYT HIP BBK2-B VBLE 04/2041ES0312251012
BTN AYT HIP BBK2-C VBLE 04/2041ES0312251020
BTN AYT HP MX 3-B VBLE 03/2038ES0312378013
BTN AYT HP MX 4-A VBLE 01/2043ES0370152003
BTN AYT HP MX 4-B VBLE 01/2043ES0370152011
BTN AYT HP MX 5-A VBLE 06/2041ES0312252002
BTN AYT HP MX 5-B VBLE 06/2041ES0312252010
BTN AYT HP MX 5-C VBLE 06/2041ES0312252028
BTN AYT ICO C VI-A VBLE 10/2057ES0312304001
BTN AYT ICO C VI-B VBLE 10/2057ES0312304019
BTN AYT ICO C VI-C VBLE 10/2057ES0312304027
BTN AYT KUTXA H1-A VBLE 04/2041ES0370153001
BTN AYT KUTXA H1-B VBLE 04/2041ES0370153019
BTN AYT KUTXA H1-C VBLE 04/2041ES0370153027
BTN AYT KUTXA H2-A VBLE 10/2056ES0370154009
BTN AYT KUTXA H2-B VBLE 10/2056ES0370154017
BTN AYT KUTXA H2-C VBLE 10/2056ES0370154025
BTN AYT.CJMUR.H2-A VBLE 04/2039ES0312272000
BTN AYT.CJMUR.H2-B VBLE 04/2039ES0312272018
BTN AYT.CJMUR.H2-C VBLE 04/2039ES0312272026
BTN BANCAJA 10-A2 VBLE 05/2050ES0312872015
BTN BANCAJA 10-A3 VBLE 05/2050ES0312872023
BTN BANCAJA 10-B VBLE 05/2050ES0312872031
BTN BANCAJA 10-C VBLE 05/2050ES0312872049
BTN BANCAJA 10-D VBLE 05/2050ES0312872056
BTN BANCAJA 10-E VBLE 05/2050ES0312872064
BTN BANCAJA 11-A2 VBLE 04/2050ES0312867015
BTN BANCAJA 11-A3 VBLE 04/2050ES0312867023
BTN BANCAJA 11-B VBLE 04/2050ES0312867031
BTN BANCAJA 11-C VBLE 04/2050ES0312867049
BTN BANCAJA 11-D VBLE 04/2050ES0312867056
BTN BANCAJA 11-E VBLE 04/2050ES0312867064
BTN BANCAJA 13-A VBLE 04/2052ES0312847009
BTN BANCAJA 13-B VBLE 04/2052ES0312847017
BTN BANCAJA 13-C VBLE 04/2052ES0312847025
BTN BANCAJA 8-A VBLE 10/2037ES0312887005
BTN BANCAJA 8-B VBLE 10/2037ES0312887013
BTN BANCAJA 8-C VBLE 10/2037ES0312887021
BTN BANCAJA 8-D VBLE 10/2037ES0312887039
BTN BANCAJA 8-E VBLE 10/2037ES0312887047
BTN BANCAJA 9-A2 VBLE 09/2043ES0312888011
BTN BANCAJA 9-B VBLE 09/2043ES0312888029
BTN BANCAJA 9-C VBLE 09/2043ES0312888037
BTN BANCAJA 9-D VBLE 09/2043ES0312888045
BTN BANCAJA 9-E VBLE 09/2043ES0312888052
BTN BANKINTER 10-A2 VBLE 06/2043ES0313529010
BTN BANKINTER 10-B VBLE 06/2043ES0313529028
BTN BANKINTER 10-C VBLE 06/2043ES0313529036
BTN BANKINTER 10-D VBLE 06/2043ES0313529044
BTN BANKINTER 10-E VBLE 06/2043ES0313529051
BTN BANKINTER 13-A2 VBLE 07/2049ES0313270011
BTN BANKINTER 13-B VBLE 07/2049ES0313270029
BTN BANKINTER 13-C VBLE 07/2049ES0313270037
BTN BANKINTER 13-D VBLE 07/2049ES0313270045
BTN BANKINTER 13-E VBLE 07/2049ES0313270052
BTN BANKINTER 9-2P VBLE 07/2042ES0313814016
BTN BANKINTER 9-2T VBLE 07/2042ES0313814057
BTN BANKINTER 9-BP VBLE 07/2042ES0313814024
BTN BANKINTER 9-BT VBLE 07/2042ES0313814065
BTN BANKINTER 9-CP VBLE 07/2042ES0313814032
BTN BANKINTER 9-CT VBLE 07/2042ES0313814073
BTN BBVA CON AUT-A 0,270 07/2031ES0305364004
BTN BBVA CON AUT-B 1,100 07/2031ES0305364012
BTN BBVA CON AUT-C 2,300 07/2031ES0305364020
BTN BBVA CON AUT-D 4,100 07/2031ES0305364038
BTN BBVA CON AUT-E 6,850 07/2031ES0305364046
BTN BBVA CON AUT-Z 7,000 07/2031ES0305364053
BTN BBVA CONS 20-1-A VBLE 01/2036ES0305487003
BTN BBVA CONS 20-1-B VBLE 01/2036ES0305487011
BTN BBVA CONS 20-1-C VBLE 01/2036ES0305487029
BTN BBVA CONS 20-1-D VBLE 01/2036ES0305487037
BTN BBVA CONS 20-1-E VBLE 01/2036ES0305487045
BTN BBVA CONS 20-1-F VBLE 01/2036ES0305487052
BTN BBVA CONS 20-1-Z VBLE 01/2036ES0305487060
BTN BBVA CONS10-A 0.270 09/2033ES0305426001
BTN BBVA CONS10-B 1,100 09/2033ES0305426019
BTN BBVA CONS10-C 2,300 09/2033ES0305426027
BTN BBVA CONS10-D 3,850 09/2033ES0305426035
BTN BBVA CONS10-E 5,600 09/2033ES0305426043
BTN BBVA CONS10-Z 5,750 09/2033ES0305426050
BTN BBVA CONS11-A 0,020 12/2033ES0305541007
BTN BBVA CONS11-B 0,500 12/2033ES0305541015
BTN BBVA CONS8-A 1,000 10/2029ES0305155006
BTN BBVA CONS8-B 1,500 10/2029ES0305155014
BTN BBVA CONS9-A 0,700 09/2033ES0305252001
BTN BBVA CONS9-B 1,000 09/2033ES0305252019
BTN BBVA LEAS 1-C VBLE 05/2031ES0314209034
BTN BBVA LEAS 2-A 0,700 11/2043ES0305502009
BTN BBVA RMBS 10-A VBLE 10/2054ES0369994001
BTN BBVA RMBS 10-B VBLE 10/2054ES0369994019
BTN BBVA RMBS 11-A VBLE 10/2055ES0369995008
BTN BBVA RMBS 11-B VBLE 10/2055ES0369995016
BTN BBVA RMBS 11-C VBLE 10/2055ES0369995024
BTN BBVA RMBS 12-A VBLE 04/2057ES0308935008
BTN BBVA RMBS 12-B VBLE 04/2057ES0308935016
BTN BBVA RMBS 13-A VBLE 10/2057ES0305036008
BTN BBVA RMBS 13-B VBLE 10/2057ES0305036016
BTN BBVA RMBS 14-A VBLE 06/2055ES0305050009
BTN BBVA RMBS 14-B VBLE 06/2055ES0305050017
BTN BBVA RMBS 15- VBLE 05/2058ES0305069009
BTN BBVA RMBS 16- VBLE 08/2064ES0305132005
BTN BBVA RMBS 17- VBLE 08/2066ES0305217004
BTN BBVA RMBS 18- VBLE 03/2064ES0305295000
BTN BBVA RMBS 19- VBLE 08/2062ES0305462006
BTN BBVA RMBS 20-B VBLE 02/2065ES0305567010
BTN BBVA RMBS 2-A3 VBLE 09/2050ES0314148026
BTN BBVA RMBS 2-A4 VBLE 09/2050ES0314148034
BTN BBVA RMBS 2-B VBLE 09/2050ES0314148042
BTN BBVA RMBS 2-C VBLE 09/2050ES0314148059
BTN BBVA RMBS 3-A1 VBLE 02/2060ES0314149008
BTN BBVA RMBS 3-A2 VBLE 02/2060ES0314149016
BTN BBVA RMBS 3-A3a VBLE 02/2060ES0314149057
BTN BBVA RMBS 3-A3b VBLE 02/2060ES0314149065
BTN BBVA RMBS 3-A3c VBLE 02/2060ES0314149073
BTN BBVA RMBS 3-A3d VBLE 02/2060ES0314149081
BTN BBVA RMBS 3-B VBLE 02/2060ES0314149032
BTN BBVA RMBS 3-C VBLE 02/2060ES0314149040
BTN BBVA RMBS 5-A VBLE 03/2061ES0310003001
BTN BBVA RMBS 5-B VBLE 03/2061ES0310003019
BTN BBVA RMBS 5-C VBLE 03/2061ES0310003027
BTN BBVA RMBS 9- VBLE 09/2053ES0313199004
BTN BBVA RMBS I-A2 VBLE 06/2050ES0314147010
BTN BBVA RMBS I-A3 VBLE 06/2050ES0314147028
BTN BBVA RMBS I-B VBLE 06/2050ES0314147036
BTN BBVA RMBS I-C VBLE 06/2050ES0314147044
BTN BBVA-6 FTPYM-C VBLE 03/2046ES0370460034
BTN CAIXA CONS 2-A VBLE 04/2060ES0305137004
BTN CAIXA CONS 2-B VBLE 04/2060ES0305137012
BTN CAIXA CONS 3-A VBLE 03/2053ES0305274005
BTN CAIXA CONS 3-B VBLE 03/2053ES0305274013
BTN CAIXA CONS 4-A 1,500 07/2056ES0305343008
BTN CAIXA CONS 4-B 2,500 07/2056ES0305343016
BTN CAIXA CONS 5-A 0,750 10/2054ES0305483002
BTN CAIXA CONS 5-B 1,000 10/2054ES0305483010
BTN CAIXA LEAS 3-A 0,75 12/2039ES0305418008
BTN CAIXA LEAS 3-B 1,000 12/2039ES0305418016
BTN CAIXA PYME 10-A VBLE 10/2051ES0305380000
BTN CAIXA PYME 10-B VBLE 10/2051ES0305380018
BTN CAIXA PYME 11-A 0,750 04/2052ES0305460000
BTN CAIXA PYME 11-B 0,800 04/2052ES0305460018
BTN CAIXA PYME 12-A 0,300 09/2062ES0305516009
BTN CAIXA PYME 12-B 0,500 09/2062ES0305516017
BTN CAIXA PYME 8-A VBLE 01/2054ES0305215008
BTN CAIXA PYME 8-B VBLE 01/2054ES0305215016
BTN CAIXA PYME 9-A VBLE 03/2053ES0305292007
BTN CAIXA PYME 9-B VBLE 03/2053ES0305292015
BTN CAIXA RMBS 1-A VBLE 03/2063ES0305117006
BTN CAIXA RMBS 1-B VBLE 03/2063ES0305117014
BTN CAIXA RMBS 2-A VBLE 01/2061ES0305247001
BTN CAIXA RMBS 2-B VBLE 01/2061ES0305247019
BTN CAIXA RMBS 3-A VBLE 09/2062ES0305308001
BTN CAIXA RMBS 3-B VBLE 09/2062ES0305308019
BTN CIN AYT 2-A VBLE 05/2051ES0312092002
BTN CIN AYT 2-B VBLE 05/2051ES0312092010
BTN CIN TDA 1-A2 VBLE 05/2049ES0364376014
BTN CIN TDA 1-B VBLE 05/2049ES0364376022
BTN CIN TDA 1-C VBLE 05/2049ES0364376030
BTN COLUMBUS MC-A 0,150 06/2036ES0305250047
BTN COLUMBUS MC-C 0,500 06/2036ES0305250054
BTN CP PYME1 TDA-B VBLE 09/2045ES0357326018
BTN CP PYME1 TDA-C VBLE 09/2045ES0357326026
BTN DRIVER ESP 5-A VBLE 12/2028ES0305319008
BTN DRIVER ESP 5-B VBLE 12/2028ES0305319016
BTN DRIVER ESP 6-A VBLE 09/2030ES0305471007
BTN DRIVER ESP 6-B VBLE 09/2030ES0305471015
BTN EDT PASTOR 3-C VBLE 01/2039ES0328421039
BTN FADE-10 6,460 03/2027ES0378641098
BTN FADE-11 6,500 03/2026ES0378641106
BTN FADE-15 5,75 12/2026ES0378641148
BTN FADE-22 1,450 06/2022ES0378641213
BTN FADE-23 1,800 06/2026ES0378641221
BTN FADE-26 1,000 09/2026ES0378641247
BTN FADE-28 0,750 03/2024ES0378641270
BTN FADE-29 0,625 03/2022ES0378641288
BTN FADE-32 0,500 03/2023ES0378641312
BTN FADE-33 0,850 12/2023ES0378641320
BTN FADE-34 0,500 06/2023ES0378641338
BTN FADE-35 0,050 09/2024ES0378641346
BTN FADE-36 0,010 09/2025ES0378641353
BTN FADE-6 5,000 12/2026ES0378641056
BTN FADE-7 5,000 06/2026ES0378641064
BTN FADE-9 6,250 03/2025ES0378641080
BTN FT PASTOR 4-D VBLE 07/2045ES0332233057
BTN FT PASTOR 4-E VBLE 07/2045ES0332233065
BTN FTPYME CAM 4-B VBLE 09/2045ES0339759039
BTN FTPYME CAM 4-C VBLE 09/2045ES0339759047
BTN FTPYME CAM 4-D VBLE 09/2045ES0339759054
BTN GC PASTOR 5-A2 VBLE 06/2046ES0332235011
BTN GC PASTOR 5-B VBLE 06/2046ES0332235029
BTN GC PASTOR 5-C VBLE 06/2046ES0332235037
BTN GC PASTOR 5-D VBLE 06/2046ES0332235045
BTN HIPOCAT 10-A2 VBLE 10/2039ES0345671012
BTN HIPOCAT 10-B VBLE 10/2039ES0345671046
BTN HIPOCAT 10-C VBLE 10/2039ES0345671053
BTN HIPOCAT 10-D VBLE 10/2039ES0345671061
BTN HIPOCAT 11-A2 VBLE 01/2050ES0345672010
BTN HIPOCAT 11-B VBLE 01/2050ES0345672036
BTN HIPOCAT 11-C VBLE 01/2050ES0345672044
BTN HIPOCAT 11-D VBLE 01/2050ES0345672051
BTN HIPOCAT 6-A VBLE 12/2034ES0345782009
BTN HIPOCAT 6-B VBLE 12/2034ES0345782017
BTN HIPOCAT 6-C VBLE 12/2034ES0345782025
BTN HIPOCAT 7-A2 VBLE 07/2036ES0345783015
BTN HIPOCAT 7-B VBLE 07/2036ES0345783023
BTN HIPOCAT 7-C VBLE 07/2036ES0345783031
BTN HIPOCAT 7-D VBLE 07/2036ES0345783049
BTN HIPOCAT 8-A2 VBLE 03/2038ES0345784013
BTN HIPOCAT 8-B VBLE 03/2038ES0345784021
BTN HIPOCAT 8-C VBLE 03/2038ES0345784039
BTN HIPOCAT 8-D VBLE 03/2038ES0345784047
BTN HIPOCAT 9-2A VBLE 07/2038ES0345721015
BTN HIPOCAT 9-A2B VBLE 07/2038ES0345721023
BTN HIPOCAT 9-B VBLE 07/2038ES0345721031
BTN HIPOCAT 9-C VBLE 07/2038ES0345721049
BTN HIPOCAT 9-D VBLE 07/2038ES0345721056
BTN HIPOCAT 9-E VBLE 07/2038ES0345721064
BTN HT ABANCA I- VBLE 07/2062ES0305136006
BTN HT ABANCA II-A VBLE 01/2058ES0305306005
BTN IM BCC CA 1-A 0,312 04/2037ES0305386007
BTN IM BCC CA 1-B 0,700 04/2037ES0305386015
BTN IM BCC CA 1-C 2,100 04/2037ES0305386023
BTN IM BCC CA 1-D 7,490 04/2037ES0305386031
BTN IM BCC CM 1-A VBLE 03/2059ES0305115000
BTN IM BCC CM 1-B VBLE 03/2059ES0305115018
BTN IM BCC CM 2-A VBLE 12/2061ES0305459002
BTN IM BCC CM 2-B VBLE 12/2061ES0305459010
BTN IM BCC CP 3-A VBLE 06/2057ES0305540009
BTN IM BCC CP 3-B VBLE 06/2057ES0305540017
BTN IM BCG RMBS2-A VBLE 09/2061ES0347421002
BTN IM C. LAB 1-A VBLE 10/2049ES0347565006
BTN IM C. LAB 1-B VBLE 10/2049ES0347565014
BTN IM C. LAB 1-C VBLE 10/2049ES0347565022
BTN IM C. LAB 1-D VBLE 10/2049ES0347565030
BTN IM C. LAB 1-E VBLE 10/2049ES0347565048
BTN IM C. LAB 2-A VBLE 01/2051ES0347552004
BTN IM C. LAB 2-B VBLE 01/2051ES0347552012
BTN IM C. LAB 2-C VBLE 01/2051ES0347552020
BTN IM CAJAMAR 3-A VBLE 09/2048ES0347783005
BTN IM CAJAMAR 3-B VBLE 09/2048ES0347783013
BTN IM CAJAMAR 3-C VBLE 09/2048ES0347783021
BTN IM CAJAMAR 3-D VBLE 09/2048ES0347783039
BTN IM CAJAMAR 4-A VBLE 03/2049ES0349044000
BTN IM CAJAMAR 4-B VBLE 03/2049ES0349044018
BTN IM CAJAMAR 4-C VBLE 03/2049ES0349044026
BTN IM CAJAMAR 4-D VBLE 03/2049ES0349044034
BTN IM CAJAMAR 4-E VBLE 03/2049ES0349044042
BTN IM CAJAMAR 5-A VBLE 06/2050ES0347566004
BTN IM CAJAMAR 5-B VBLE 06/2050ES0347566012
BTN IM CAJAMAR 5-C VBLE 06/2050ES0347566020
BTN IM CAJAMAR 5-D VBLE 06/2050ES0347566038
BTN IM CAJAMAR 5-E VBLE 06/2050ES0347566046
BTN IM CAJAMAR 6-A VBLE 12/2050ES0347559009
BTN IM CAJAMAR 6-B VBLE 12/2050ES0347559017
BTN IM CAJAMAR 6-C VBLE 12/2050ES0347559025
BTN IM CAJAMAR 6-D VBLE 12/2050ES0347559033
BTN IM CAJAMAR 6-E VBLE 12/2050ES0347559041
BTN IM CAJASTU 1-A VBLE 12/2052ES0347458004
BTN IM CAJASTU 1-B VBLE 12/2052ES0347458012
BTN IM PASTOR 4-A VBLE 03/2044ES0347854004
BTN IM PASTOR 4-B VBLE 03/2044ES0347854012
BTN IM PASTOR 4-C VBLE 03/2044ES0347854020
BTN IM PASTOR 4-D VBLE 03/2044ES0347854038
BTN IM SAB PY 11-A VBLE 06/2057ES0305309009
BTN IM SAB PY 11-B VBLE 06/2057ES0305309017
BTN MAD RMBS III-A2 VBLE 02/2050ES0359093012
BTN MAD RMBS III-A3 VBLE 02/2050ES0359093020
BTN MAD RMBS III-B VBLE 02/2050ES0359093038
BTN MAD RMBS III-C VBLE 02/2050ES0359093046
BTN MAD RMBS III-D VBLE 02/2050ES0359093053
BTN MAD RMBS III-E VBLE 02/2050ES0359093061
BTN MAD RMBS IV-A2 VBLE 11/2050ES0359094010
BTN MAD RMBS IV-B VBLE 11/2050ES0359094028
BTN MAD RMBS IV-C VBLE 11/2050ES0359094036
BTN MAD RMBS IV-D VBLE 11/2050ES0359094044
BTN MAD RMBS IV-E VBLE 11/2050ES0359094051
BTN MADR RMBS I-A2 VBLE 06/2049ES0359091016
BTN MADR RMBS I-B VBLE 06/2049ES0359091024
BTN MADR RMBS I-C VBLE 06/2049ES0359091032
BTN MADR RMBS I-D VBLE 06/2049ES0359091040
BTN MADR RMBS I-E VBLE 06/2049ES0359091057
BTN MADR RMBS II-A2 VBLE 08/2049ES0359092014
BTN MADR RMBS II-A3 VBLE 08/2049ES0359092022
BTN MADR RMBS II-B VBLE 08/2049ES0359092030
BTN MADR RMBS II-C VBLE 08/2049ES0359092048
BTN MADR RMBS II-D VBLE 08/2049ES0359092055
BTN MADR RMBS II-E VBLE 08/2049ES0359092063
BTN MADRI RESI I- VBLE 08/2051ES0358968008
BTN MADRI RESI II- VBLE 02/2052ES0358969006
BTN MBS BANCAJA3-A2 VBLE 12/2043ES0361796016
BTN MBS BANCAJA3-B VBLE 12/2043ES0361796024
BTN MBS BANCAJA3-C VBLE 12/2043ES0361796032
BTN MBS BANCAJA3-D VBLE 12/2043ES0361796040
BTN MBS BANCAJA3-E VBLE 12/2043ES0361796057
BTN MBS BANCAJA4-A2 VBLE 07/2050ES0361797014
BTN MBS BANCAJA4-B VBLE 07/2050ES0361797030
BTN MBS BANCAJA4-C VBLE 07/2050ES0361797048
BTN MBS BANCAJA4-D VBLE 07/2050ES0361797055
BTN MBS BANCAJA4-E VBLE 07/2050ES0361797063
BTN MBS BANCAJA6-A VBLE 05/2052ES0361745005
BTN MBS BANCAJA6-B VBLE 05/2052ES0361745013
BTN MBS BANCAJA6-C VBLE 05/2052ES0361745021
BTN MBS BANCAJA6-D VBLE 05/2052ES0361745039
BTN NORIA SPAIN 2020-A 0,02 10/2040ES0305522007
BTN NORIA SPAIN 2020-B 0,500 10/2040ES0305522015
BTN PDRIVER 20-1- FIJO 10/2034ES0305518005
BTN PENEDÉS 1TDA-A VBLE 01/2043ES0313252001
BTN PENEDÉS 1TDA-B VBLE 01/2043ES0313252019
BTN PENEDÉS 1TDA-C VBLE 01/2043ES0313252027
BTN PENEDÉS 2TDA-A VBLE 10/2045ES0347598007
BTN PENEDÉS 2TDA-B VBLE 10/2045ES0347598015
BTN PENEDÉS 2TDA-C VBLE 10/2045ES0347598023
BTN PY BANESTO 2-C VBLE 12/2031ES0372260036
BTN RMBS PRAD 3-A VBLE 03/2056ES0305192009
BTN RMBS PRAD 4-A VBLE 03/2056ES0305248009
BTN RMBS PRAD 4-B VBLE 03/2056ES0305248017
BTN RMBS PRAD 5-A VBLE 03/2055ES0305288005
BTN RMBS PRAD 5-B VBLE 03/2055ES0305288013
BTN RMBS PRADO 6-A VBLE 03/2055ES0305352009
BTN RMBS PRADO 6-B VBLE 03/2055ES0305352017
BTN RMBS PRADO 6-C VBLE 03/2055ES0305352025
BTN RMBS PRADO 7-A VBLE 06/2051ES0305508006
BTN RMBS PRADO 7-B VBLE 06/2051ES0305508014
BTN RMBS PRADO 7-C VBLE 06/2051ES0305508022
BTN RMBS PRADO 8-A VBLE 03/2055ES0305545008
BTN RMBS PRADO 8-B VBLE 03/2055ES0305545024
BTN RMBS PRADO 8-C VBLE 03/2055ES0305545032
BTN RMBS PRADO 8-Z 0,100 03/2055ES0305545016
BTN RMBS SANT 7-A VBLE 02/2067ES0305583009
BTN RMBS SANT 7-B VBLE 02/2067ES0305583017
BTN RMBS SANT 7-C VBLE 02/2067ES0305583025
BTN RURAL H GL I-A VBLE 01/2039ES0374273003
BTN RURAL H GL I-B VBLE 01/2039ES0374273011
BTN RURAL H GL I-C VBLE 01/2039ES0374273029
BTN RURAL H GL I-D VBLE 01/2039ES0374273037
BTN RURAL H GL I-E VBLE 01/2039ES0374273045
BTN RURAL HP IX-A2 VBLE 02/2050ES0374274019
BTN RURAL HP IX-A3 VBLE 02/2050ES0374274027
BTN RURAL HP IX-B VBLE 02/2050ES0374274035
BTN RURAL HP IX-C VBLE 02/2050ES0374274043
BTN RURAL HP IX-D VBLE 02/2050ES0374274050
BTN RURAL HP IX-E VBLE 02/2050ES0374274068
BTN RURAL HP X-A VBLE 05/2053ES0374275008
BTN RURAL HP X-B VBLE 05/2053ES0374275016
BTN RURAL HP X-C VBLE 05/2053ES0374275024
BTN RURAL HP XI-A VBLE 03/2053ES0323975005
BTN RURAL HP XI-B VBLE 03/2053ES0323975013
BTN RURAL HP XI-C VBLE 03/2053ES0323975021
BTN RURAL HP XII-A VBLE 06/2053ES0323976003
BTN RURAL HP XII-B VBLE 06/2053ES0323976011
BTN RURAL HP XII-C VBLE 06/2053ES0323976029
BTN RURAL HP XIV-A VBLE 05/2055ES0374268003
BTN RURAL HP XIV-B VBLE 05/2055ES0374268011
BTN RURAL HP XV-A VBLE 05/2058ES0323977001
BTN RURAL HP XV-B VBLE 05/2058ES0323977019
BTN RURAL HP XVI-A VBLE 04/2055ES0323978009
BTN RURAL HP XVI-B VBLE 04/2055ES0323978017
BTN RURAL HP.VII-A1 VBLE 03/2038ES0366366005
BTN RURAL HP.VII-B VBLE 03/2038ES0366366021
BTN RURAL HP.VII-C VBLE 03/2038ES0366366039
BTN RURAL HPVIII-2a VBLE 01/2044ES0366367011
BTN RURAL HPVIII-A2B VBLE 01/2044ES0366367029
BTN RURAL HPVIII-B VBLE 01/2044ES0366367037
BTN RURAL HPVIII-C VBLE 01/2044ES0366367045
BTN RURAL HPVIII-D VBLE 01/2044ES0366367052
BTN RURAL HPVIII-E VBLE 01/2044ES0366367060
BTN RURAL HPXIX-A VBLE 08/2058ES0305491005
BTN RURAL HPXIX-B VBLE 08/2058ES0305491013
BTN RURAL HPXVII- VBLE 01/2057ES0305033005
BTN RURAL HPXVIII-A VBLE 12/2057ES0305393003
BTN RURAL HPXVIII-B VBLE 12/2057ES0305393011
BTN SABADELL CON I-A VBLE 03/2031ES0305443006
BTN SABADELL CON I-C VBLE 03/2031ES0305443022
BTN SABADELL CON I-E VBLE 03/2031ES0305443048
BTN SABADELL CON I-F VBLE 03/2031ES0305443055
BTN SABADELL CON I-Z VBLE 03/2031ES0305443063
BTN SANT CAU 141-A 2,000 06/2032ES0305053003
BTN SANT CAU 141-B 2,500 06/2032ES0305053011
BTN SANT CAU 141-C 3,500 06/2032ES0305053029
BTN SANT CAU 141-D 5,000 06/2032ES0305053037
BTN SANT CAU 141-E 5,000 06/2032ES0305053045
BTN SANT CAU 161-A 1,250 04/2032ES0305124002
BTN SANT CAU 161-B 1,650 04/2032ES0305124010
BTN SANT CAU 161-C 3,250 04/2032ES0305124028
BTN SANT CAU 161-D 6,000 04/2032ES0305124036
BTN SANT CAU 161-E 8,000 04/2032ES0305124044
BTN SANT CAU 161-F 8,000 04/2032ES0305124051
BTN SANT CAU 162-A 0,900 09/2033ES0305213003
BTN SANT CAU 162-B 2,100 09/2033ES0305213011
BTN SANT CAU 162-C 3,100 09/2033ES0305213029
BTN SANT CAU 162-D 5,100 09/2033ES0305213037
BTN SANT CAU 162-E 6,300 09/2033ES0305213045
BTN SANT CAU 162-F 11,000 09/2033ES0305213052
BTN SANT CAU 191-A VBLE 12/2035ES0305442008
BTN SANT CAU 191-B VBLE 12/2035ES0305442016
BTN SANT CAU 191-C 1,480 12/2035ES0305442024
BTN SANT CAU 191-D 1,980 12/2035ES0305442032
BTN SANT CAU 191-E 3,190 12/2035ES0305442040
BTN SANT CAU 191-F 5,930 12/2035ES0305442057
BTN SANT CAU 201-A VBLE 03/2033ES0305499008
BTN SANT CAU 201-B VBLE 03/2033ES0305499016
BTN SANT CAU 201-C VBLE 03/2033ES0305499024
BTN SANT CAU 201-D 3,500 03/2033ES0305499032
BTN SANT CAU 201-E 5,600 03/2033ES0305499040
BTN SANT CAU 201-F 6,490 03/2033ES0305499057
BTN SANT CAU 211-A VBLE 06/2035ES0305599005
BTN SANT CAU 211-B VBLE 06/2035ES0305599013
BTN SANT CAU 211-C VBLE 06/2035ES0305599021
BTN SANT CAU 211-D FIJO 06/2035ES0305599039
BTN SANT CAU 211-E 2,710 06/2035ES0305599047
BTN SANT CAU 211-F 4,580 06/2035ES0305599054
BTN SANT FINAN 1-E VBLE 07/2035ES0382043042
BTN SANT FINAN 1-F VBLE 07/2035ES0382043059
BTN SANT HIPOT 1-A VBLE 07/2042ES0309364000
BTN SANT HIPOT 1-B VBLE 07/2042ES0309364018
BTN SANT HIPOT 1-C VBLE 07/2042ES0309364026
BTN SANT HIPOT 1-D VBLE 07/2042ES0309364034
BTN SANT HIPOT 2-A VBLE 01/2049ES0382042002
BTN SANT HIPOT 2-B VBLE 01/2049ES0382042010
BTN SANT HIPOT 2-C VBLE 01/2049ES0382042028
BTN SANT HIPOT 2-D VBLE 01/2049ES0382042036
BTN SANT HIPOT 2-E VBLE 01/2049ES0382042044
BTN SANT HIPOT 2-F VBLE 01/2049ES0382042051
BTN SANT HIPOT 3-A1 VBLE 01/2050ES0338093000
BTN SANT HIPOT 3-A2 VBLE 01/2050ES0338093018
BTN SANT HIPOT 3-A3 VBLE 01/2050ES0338093026
BTN SANT HIPOT 3-B VBLE 01/2050ES0338093034
BTN SANT HIPOT 3-C VBLE 01/2050ES0338093042
BTN SANT HIPOT 3-D VBLE 01/2050ES0338093059
BTN SANT HIPOT 3-E VBLE 01/2050ES0338093067
BTN SANT HIPOT 3-F VBLE 01/2050ES0338093075
BTN SANT PYME 13-B VBLE 05/2043ES0305289011
BTN SANT PYME 13-C VBLE 05/2043ES0305289029
BTN SANT PYME 14-A VBLE 11/2057ES0305381008
BTN SANT PYME 14-B VBLE 11/2057ES0305381016
BTN SANT PYME 14-C VBLE 11/2057ES0305381024
BTN SANT PYME 15-A VBLE 04/2051ES0305458004
BTN SANT PYME 15-B VBLE 04/2051ES0305458012
BTN SANT PYME 15-C VBLE 04/2051ES0305458020
BTN SANTCONSUMO4-A VBLE 09/2032ES0305520001
BTN SANTCONSUMO4-B VBLE 09/2032ES0305520019
BTN SANTCONSUMO4-C 2,200 09/2032ES0305520027
BTN SANTCONSUMO4-D 3,700 09/2032ES0305520035
BTN SANTCONSUMO4-E 4,900 09/2032ES0305520043
BTN SANTCONSUMO4-F 6,500 09/2032ES0305520050
BTN SOL LION II RMBS-A1 VBLE 12/2063ES0305515001
BTN SOL LION II RMBS-A2 VBLE 12/2063ES0305515019
BTN SOL LION II RMBS-A3 VBLE 12/2063ES0305515027
BTN SOL LION II RMBS-A4 VBLE 12/2063ES0305515035
BTN SOL LION II RMBS-A5 VBLE 12/2063ES0305515043
BTN SOL LION II RMBS-A6 VBLE 12/2063ES0305515050
BTN SOL LION II RMBS-B VBLE 12/2063ES0305515068
BTN SOL LION II RMBS-C VBLE 12/2063ES0305515076
BTN TDA CAM 4-A VBLE 06/2039ES0377991007
BTN TDA CAM 4-B VBLE 06/2039ES0377991015
BTN TDA CAM 5-A VBLE 10/2043ES0377992005
BTN TDA CAM 5-B VBLE 10/2043ES0377992013
BTN TDA CAM 6-A3 VBLE 04/2044ES0377993029
BTN TDA CAM 6-B VBLE 04/2044ES0377993037
BTN TDA CAM 7-A2 VBLE 02/2049ES0377994019
BTN TDA CAM 7-A3 VBLE 02/2049ES0377994027
BTN TDA CAM 7-B VBLE 02/2049ES0377994035
BTN TDA CAM 8-A VBLE 02/2049ES0377966009
BTN TDA CAM 8-B VBLE 02/2049ES0377966017
BTN TDA CAM 8-C VBLE 02/2049ES0377966025
BTN TDA CAM 8-D VBLE 02/2049ES0377966033
BTN TDA CAM 9-A1 VBLE 04/2050ES0377955002
BTN TDA CAM 9-A2 VBLE 04/2050ES0377955010
BTN TDA CAM 9-A3 VBLE 04/2050ES0377955028
BTN TDA CAM 9-B VBLE 04/2050ES0377955036
BTN TDA CAM 9-C VBLE 04/2050ES0377955044
BTN TDA CAM 9-D VBLE 04/2050ES0377955051
BTN TDA CJAMAR 2-A3 VBLE 06/2041ES0377965027
BTN TDA CJAMAR 2-B VBLE 06/2041ES0377965035
BTN TDA CJAMAR 2-C VBLE 06/2041ES0377965043
BTN TDA CJAMAR 2-D VBLE 06/2041ES0377965050
BTN TDA IBERCA 2-A VBLE 10/2042ES0338451000
BTN TDA IBERCA 2-B VBLE 10/2042ES0338451018
BTN TDA IBERCA 2-C VBLE 10/2042ES0338451026
BTN TDA IBERCA 2-D VBLE 10/2042ES0338451034
BTN TDA IBERCA 2-E VBLE 10/2042ES0338451042
BTN TDA IBERCA 3-A VBLE 12/2043ES0338452008
BTN TDA IBERCA 3-B VBLE 12/2043ES0338452016
BTN TDA IBERCA 3-C VBLE 12/2043ES0338452024
BTN TDA IBERCA 3-D VBLE 12/2043ES0338452032
BTN TDA IBERCA 4-A1 VBLE 08/2044ES0338453006
BTN TDA IBERCA 4-A2 VBLE 08/2044ES0338453014
BTN TDA IBERCA 4-B VBLE 08/2044ES0338453030
BTN TDA IBERCA 4-C VBLE 08/2044ES0338453048
BTN TDA IBERCA 4-D VBLE 08/2044ES0338453055
BTN TDA IBERCA 4-E VBLE 08/2044ES0338453063
BTN TDA IBERCA 4-F VBLE 08/2044ES0338453071
BTN TDA IBERCA 5-A2 VBLE 11/2049ES0377967015
BTN TDA IBERCA 5-B VBLE 11/2049ES0377967023
BTN TDA IBERCA 5-C VBLE 11/2049ES0377967031
BTN TDA IBERCA 5-D VBLE 11/2049ES0377967049
BTN TDA IBERCA 5-E VBLE 11/2049ES0377967056
BTN TDA IBERCA 6-A VBLE 11/2051ES0377968005
BTN TDA IBERCA 6-B VBLE 11/2051ES0377968013
BTN TDA IBERCA 6-C VBLE 11/2051ES0377968021
BTN TDA IBERCA 6-D VBLE 11/2051ES0377968039
BTN TDA IBERCA 6-E VBLE 11/2051ES0377968047
BTN TDA IBERCA 7-A VBLE 11/2060ES0377849007
BTN TDA IBERCA 7-B VBLE 11/2060ES0377849015
BTN TDA IBERCA 7-C VBLE 11/2060ES0377849023
BTN TDA SA RMBS 4-A VBLE 11/2063ES0305299002
BTN TDA SA RMBS 4-B VBLE 11/2063ES0305299010
BTN TDA TARRA. 1-A VBLE 06/2050ES0338455001
BTN TDA TARRA. 1-B VBLE 06/2050ES0338455019
BTN TDA TARRA. 1-C VBLE 06/2050ES0338455027
BTN TDA TARRA. 1-D VBLE 06/2050ES0338455035
BTN TDA-18 MIXTO-A1 VBLE 06/2045ES0377989001
BTN TDA-18 MIXTO-B1 VBLE 06/2045ES0377989027
BTN TDA-18 MIXTO-B2 VBLE 06/2045ES0377989035
BTN TDA-19 MIXTO-A VBLE 03/2036ES0377964004
BTN TDA-19 MIXTO-B VBLE 03/2036ES0377964012
BTN TDA-19 MIXTO-C VBLE 03/2036ES0377964020
BTN TDA-19 MIXTO-D VBLE 03/2036ES0377964038
BTN TDA-20 MIXTO-A1 VBLE 04/2036ES0377981008
BTN TDA-20 MIXTO-A2 VBLE 04/2036ES0377981024
BTN TDA-20 MIXTO-B1 VBLE 04/2036ES0377981016
BTN TDA-20 MIXTO-B2 VBLE 04/2036ES0377981032
BTN TDA-22 MIXTO-1b VBLE 06/2046ES0377983012
BTN TDA-22 MIXTO-2b VBLE 06/2046ES0377983061
BTN TDA-22 MIXTO-B1 VBLE 06/2046ES0377983020
BTN TDA-22 MIXTO-B2 VBLE 06/2046ES0377983079
BTN TDA-22 MIXTO-C1 VBLE 06/2046ES0377983038
BTN TDA-22 MIXTO-C2 VBLE 06/2046ES0377983087
BTN TDA-22 MIXTO-D1 VBLE 06/2046ES0377983046
BTN TDA-22 MIXTO-D2 VBLE 06/2046ES0377983095
BTN TDA-23-A VBLE 09/2046ES0377984002
BTN TDA-23-B VBLE 09/2046ES0377984010
BTN TDA-23-C VBLE 09/2046ES0377984028
BTN TDA-24-A2 VBLE 06/2040ES0377952017
BTN TDA-24-B VBLE 06/2040ES0377952025
BTN TDA-24-C VBLE 06/2040ES0377952033
BTN TDA-24-D VBLE 06/2040ES0377952041
BTN TDA-25-A VBLE 03/2041ES0377929007
BTN TDA-25-B VBLE 03/2041ES0377929015
BTN TDA-25-C VBLE 03/2041ES0377929023
BTN TDA-25-D VBLE 03/2041ES0377929031
BTN TDA-26 MIXTO-12 VBLE 01/2049ES0377953015
BTN TDA-26 MIXTO-1B VBLE 01/2049ES0377953023
BTN TDA-26 MIXTO-1C VBLE 01/2049ES0377953031
BTN TDA-26 MIXTO-1D VBLE 01/2049ES0377953049
BTN TDA-26 MIXTO-2A VBLE 01/2049ES0377953056
BTN TDA-26 MIXTO-2B VBLE 01/2049ES0377953064
BTN TDA-26 MIXTO-2C VBLE 01/2049ES0377953072
BTN TDA-27-A3 VBLE 12/2050ES0377954021
BTN TDA-27-B VBLE 12/2050ES0377954039
BTN TDA-27-C VBLE 12/2050ES0377954047
BTN TDA-27-D VBLE 12/2050ES0377954054
BTN TDA-27-E VBLE 12/2050ES0377954062
BTN TDA-27-F VBLE 12/2050ES0377954070
BTN TDA-28-A VBLE 10/2050ES0377930005
BTN TDA-28-B VBLE 10/2050ES0377930013
BTN TDA-28-C VBLE 10/2050ES0377930021
BTN TDA-28-D VBLE 10/2050ES0377930039
BTN TDA-28-E VBLE 10/2050ES0377930047
BTN TDA-28-F VBLE 10/2050ES0377930054
BTN TDA-29-A2 VBLE 02/2050ES0377931011
BTN TDA-29-B VBLE 02/2050ES0377931029
BTN TDA-29-C VBLE 02/2050ES0377931037
BTN TDA-29-D VBLE 02/2050ES0377931045
BTN TDA-30-A VBLE 09/2050ES0377844008
BTN TDA-30-B VBLE 09/2050ES0377844016
BTN TDA-30-C VBLE 09/2050ES0377844024
BTN TDA-30-D VBLE 09/2050ES0377844032
BTN UCI 11-A VBLE 09/2041ES0338340005
BTN UCI 11-B VBLE 09/2041ES0338340013
BTN UCI 11-C VBLE 09/2041ES0338340021
BTN UCI 14-A VBLE 06/2043ES0338341003
BTN UCI 14-B VBLE 06/2043ES0338341011
BTN UCI 14-C VBLE 06/2043ES0338341029
BTN UCI 15-A VBLE 12/2048ES0380957003
BTN UCI 15-B VBLE 12/2048ES0380957011
BTN UCI 15-C VBLE 12/2048ES0380957029
BTN UCI 15-D VBLE 12/2048ES0380957037
BTN UCI 16-A2 VBLE 06/2049ES0338186010
BTN UCI 16-B VBLE 06/2049ES0338186028
BTN UCI 16-C VBLE 06/2049ES0338186036
BTN UCI 16-D VBLE 06/2049ES0338186044
BTN UCI 16-E VBLE 06/2049ES0338186051
BTN UCI 17-A2 VBLE 12/2049ES0337985016
BTN UCI 17-B VBLE 12/2049ES0337985024
BTN UCI 17-C VBLE 12/2049ES0337985032
BTN UCI 17-D VBLE 12/2049ES0337985040
BTN VALENCIA HP3-A2 VBLE 09/2044ES0382746016
BTN VALENCIA HP3-B VBLE 09/2044ES0382746024
BTN VALENCIA HP3-C VBLE 09/2044ES0382746032
BTN VALENCIA HP3-D VBLE 09/2044ES0382746040
BTN WIZINK MC-A 0,450 03/2033ES0305279087
BTN WIZINK MC-A 0,550 03/2033ES0305279129
BTN WIZINK MC-A VBLE 03/2033ES0305279103
BTN WIZINK MC-C 1,250 03/2033ES0305279137
BTN WIZINK MC-C 1,250 03/2033ES0305279111
BTN WIZINK MC-C 1,250 03/2033ES0305279095

(*) Prices are expressed as a percentage of nominal.
(**) Nominal amount traded in each of the sessions up to that moment.
Transactions executed in each session will be reported in AIAF daily Bulletin after 19:00h.

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