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Buy and Sell Prices of SENAF: Treasury Bill
22/05/2020 17:15:01
DescriptionISINBidAskLast price
Last IRR
Nominal amount**
LT - Treasury bills
L 041220ES0L02012042
L 050321ES0L02103056
L 070521ES0L02105077
L 091020ES0L02010095
L 100720ES0L02007109
L 110920ES0L02009113
L 120221ES0L02102124
L 120620ES0L02006127
L 131120ES0L02011135
L 140820ES0L02008149 100.1070-0.480017.00
L 150121ES0L02101159
L 160421ES0L02104161

(*) Prices are expressed as a percentage of nominal.
(**) Nominal amount negotiated in the session so far, in million Euro.
(1) Amount expressed in million Euro.

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