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BME RF BME: Bolsas y Mercados Españoles
Buy and Sell Prices of SENAF: Cash
04/08/2020 17:15:01
DescriptionISINBidAskLast price
Last IRR
Nominal amount**
BO - Bonds
B 0.00 0125ES0000012F92 101.1650-0.258025.00
B 0.00 0423ES0000012F84
B 0.05 0121ES00000128X2
B 0.05 1021ES0000012C46
B 0.25 0724ES0000012E85 102.2200-0.303012.00
B 0.35 0723ES0000012B62
B 0.40 0422ES00000128O1 101.4700-0.442023.00
B 0.45 1022ES0000012A97
B 0.75 0721ES00000128B8
O 0.50 0430ES0000012F76 102.78000.21106.00
O 0.60 1029ES0000012F43 103.93000.17102.00
O 0.80 0727ES0000012G26
O 1.00 1050ES0000012G00 97.40001.10202.00
O 1.20 1040ES0000012G42 106.90000.828038.00
O 1.25 1030ES0000012G34 109.70000.287024.00
O 1.30 1026ES00000128H5
O 1.40 0428ES0000012B39
O 1.40 0728ES0000012B88 110.73000.052027.00
O 1.45 0429ES0000012E51 111.33000.14301.00
O 1.45 1027ES0000012A89
O 1.50 0427ES00000128P8
O 1.60 0425ES00000126Z1 108.8850-0.264012.00
O 1.85 0735ES0000012E69 118.31000.571031.00
O 1.95 0426ES00000127Z9
O 1.95 0730ES00000127A2
O 2.15 1025ES00000127G9
O 2.35 0733ES00000128Q6
O 2.70 1048ES0000012B47 141.19001.015032.00
O 2.75 1024ES00000126B2
O 2.90 1046ES00000128C6
O 3.45 0766ES00000128E2
O 3.80 0424ES00000124W3
O 4.00 1064ES00000126D8
O 4.20 0137ES0000012932
O 4.40 1023ES00000123X3
O 4.65 0725ES00000122E5
O 4.70 0741ES00000121S7 174.35500.826010.00
O 4.80 0124ES00000121G2
O 4.85 1020ES00000122T3
O 4.90 0740ES00000120N0 176.61500.755045.00
O 5.15 1028ES00000124C5
O 5.15 1044ES00000124H4 191.13500.931042.00
O 5.40 0123ES00000123U9 114.5000-0.39107.00
O 5.50 0421ES00000123B9
O 5.75 0732ES0000012411
O 5.85 0122ES00000123K0
O 5.90 0726ES00000123C7
O 6.00 0129ES0000011868
IDX 0.15 1123ES0000012B70
IDX 0.30 1121ES00000128D4
IDX 0.65 1127ES00000128S2
IDX 0.70 1133ES0000012C12
IDX 1.00 1130ES00000127C8
IDX 1.00 1148ES0000012F19
IDX 1.05 1149ES0000012F27
IDX 1.10 1150ES0000012F35
IDX 1.80 1124ES00000126A4
PS - Stripped principal
P 4.20 0137ES00000120D1
P 4.65 0725ES00000122U1
P 4.70 0741ES00000122V9
P 4.80 0124ES00000121K4
P 4.85 1020ES00000122Z0
P 4.90 0740ES00000120O8
P 5.50 0421ES00000123F0
P 5.75 0732ES0000012593
P 5.85 0122ES00000123N4
P 5.90 0726ES00000123I4
P 6.00 0129ES0000011876
PA 0.05 0121ES0000012B54
PA 0.05 1021ES0000012E77
PA 0.25 0724ES0000012F50
PA 0.35 0723ES0000012C20
PA 0.40 0422ES00000128T0
PA 0.45 1022ES0000012B13
PA 0.60 1029ES0000012G18
PA 0.75 0721ES00000128I3
PA 1.30 1026ES00000128K9
PA 1.40 0428ES0000012C04
PA 1.40 0728ES0000012C38
PA 1.45 0429ES0000012E93
PA 1.45 1027ES0000012B21
PA 1.50 0427ES00000128V6
PA 1.60 0425ES00000127E4
PA 1.85 0735ES0000012F68
PA 1.95 0426ES00000128F9
PA 1.95 0730ES00000127J3
PA 2.15 1025ES00000127Y2
PA 2.35 0733ES0000012B05
PA 2.70 1048ES0000012E44
PA 2.75 1024ES00000126X6
PA 2.90 1046ES00000128L7
PA 3.45 0766ES00000128U8
PA 3.80 0424ES00000125P4
PA 4.00 1064ES0000012E36
PA 4.40 1023ES00000124P7
PA 5.15 1028ES00000125H1
PA 5.15 1044ES00000126E6
PA 5.40 0123ES00000124X1
CA - Stripped coupon
C 0121ES0000011959
C 0122ES0000011967
C 0123ES0000011975
C 0124ES0000011983
C 0125ES0000011991
C 0126ES0000012007
C 0127ES0000012023
C 0128ES0000012031
C 0129ES0000012049
C 0130ES0000012940
C 0131ES0000012957
C 0132ES0000012965
C 0133ES0000012973
C 0134ES0000012981
C 0135ES0000012999
C 0136ES00000120A7
C 0137ES00000120B5
C 0421ES00000123G8
C 0721ES0000012668
C 0722ES0000012676
C 0723ES0000012684
C 0724ES0000012692
C 0725ES0000012700
C 0726ES0000012718
C 0727ES0000012726
C 0728ES0000012734
C 0729ES0000012742
C 0730ES0000012759
C 0731ES0000012767
C 0732ES0000012775
C 0733ES00000120P5
C 0734ES00000120Q3
C 0735ES00000120R1
C 0736ES00000120S9
C 0737ES00000120T7
C 0738ES00000120U5
C 0739ES00000120V3
C 0740ES00000120W1
C 0741ES00000122W7
C 1020ES00000123A1
CA 0121ES00000125E8
CA 0122ES00000125F5
CA 0123ES00000125G3
CA 0421ES00000125W0
CA 0422ES00000125X8
CA 0423ES00000125Y6
CA 0424ES00000125Z3
CA 0425ES00000127F1
CA 0426ES00000128G7
CA 0427ES00000128W4
CA 0428ES0000012B96
CA 0429ES0000012F01
CA 0721ES00000127O3
CA 0722ES00000127P0
CA 0723ES00000127Q8
CA 0724ES00000127R6
CA 0725ES00000127S4
CA 0726ES00000127T2
CA 0727ES00000127U0
CA 0728ES00000127V8
CA 0729ES00000127W6
CA 0730ES00000127X4
CA 0731ES00000128Y0
CA 0732ES00000128Z7
CA 0733ES00000129A8
CA 0734ES00000129B6
CA 0735ES00000129C4
CA 0736ES00000129D2
CA 0737ES00000129E0
CA 0738ES00000129F7
CA 0739ES00000129G5
CA 0740ES00000129H3
CA 0741ES00000129I1
CA 0742ES00000129J9
CA 0743ES00000129K7
CA 0744ES00000129L5
CA 0745ES00000129M3
CA 0746ES00000129N1
CA 0747ES00000129O9
CA 0748ES00000129P6
CA 0749ES00000129Q4
CA 0750ES00000129R2
CA 0751ES00000129S0
CA 0752ES00000129T8
CA 0753ES00000129U6
CA 0754ES00000129V4
CA 0755ES00000129W2
CA 0756ES00000129X0
CA 0757ES00000129Y8
CA 0758ES00000129Z5
CA 0759ES0000012A06
CA 0760ES0000012A14
CA 0761ES0000012A22
CA 0762ES0000012A30
CA 0763ES0000012A48
CA 0764ES0000012A55
CA 0765ES0000012A63
CA 0766ES0000012A71
CA 1020ES00000124R3
CA 1021ES00000124S1
CA 1022ES00000124T9
CA 1023ES00000124U7
CA 1024ES00000125I9
CA 1025ES00000125J7
CA 1026ES00000125K5
CA 1027ES00000125L3
CA 1028ES00000125M1
CA 1029ES00000126F3
CA 1030ES00000126G1
CA 1031ES00000126H9
CA 1032ES00000126I7
CA 1033ES00000126J5
CA 1034ES00000126K3
CA 1035ES00000126L1
CA 1036ES00000126M9
CA 1037ES00000126N7
CA 1038ES00000126O5
CA 1039ES00000126P2
CA 1040ES00000126Q0
CA 1041ES00000126R8
CA 1042ES00000126S6
CA 1043ES00000126T4
CA 1044ES00000126U2
CA 1045ES00000128M5
CA 1046ES00000128N3
CA 1047ES0000012C53
CA 1048ES0000012C61
CA 1049ES0000012C79
CA 1050ES0000012C87
CA 1051ES0000012C95
CA 1052ES0000012D03
CA 1053ES0000012D11
CA 1054ES0000012D29
CA 1055ES0000012D37
CA 1056ES0000012D45
CA 1057ES0000012D52
CA 1058ES0000012D60
CA 1059ES0000012D78
CA 1060ES0000012D86
CA 1061ES0000012D94
CA 1062ES0000012E02
CA 1063ES0000012E10
CA 1064ES0000012E28

(*) Prices are expressed as a percentage of nominal.
(**) Nominal amount negotiated in the session so far, in million Euro.
(1) Amount expressed in million Euro.

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